Intersection of Intercession & Worship
2013 Nicki Black
16" x 20"
Canvas, Unframed

MEDIUM: Acrylics, metallics.

LOCATION: The original artwork is available, and can be seen and/or purchased in person at The Worship Center, in Durham, NC. It is also available through this website. Please use contact link to send your inquiry.

BACKGROUND: I painted this in June of 2013 at The Worship Center (Durham, NC), during a Jeff Jansen Conference. This was the first piece the Holy Spirit asked me to paint with my bare hands, without using any brushes or other tools. It was a beautiful experience, to feel the canvas and paints under my hands while the worship filled the atmosphere. I interceded as I painted this, so literally, this painting's title is exactly what was happening in that moment of time.

02 - Intersection of Intercession and Worship