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So is being a scribe. I scribe worship. I scribe what I see and hear in the spirit. I scribe the testimony of God's hand of healing and transformation in my life. Being a scribe is my DNA.

Several years ago I decided to actually ask God to show me how to draw faces. I had been playfully ribbed by my family for a long time that I never did faces in my artwork. I wasn't very good at it, and the blank face to me symbolized every face. You know that God often changes the seasons while removing a self-inflicted crutch? That's what He did to me. After putting in my request, nothing happened for several days. But then, like a flood, I started seeing faces in EVERYTHING. I saw faces in the walls. I saw them in wood floors. I saw them in tiles. I saw them in food. I saw them in fabric. And then I saw them imbedded in the blank paper of my art journal, so I started tracing what I saw. I went from struggle to overflow! It was incredible, and I'm still in awe every time He shows me more. I sketched face intertwined in face for many months, but then He told me something that radically shifted my understanding why He was improving my vision, and my skills. God told me all of these faces were the lost ones He was calling home on the wind. And what I was drawing were real people that I will recognize, or others will know, in the flesh. He then told me to put these faces on jewelry and other wearable items, like a living billboard. He wants His kids to come home! Over the last year I've been making earrings of many of these scribes, and I've already started to see the people that belong to these faces. Friends, when God sparks something inside of you, catch that fire and ask Him what to do. He'll show you in His perfect timing, and it has the power to bring LIFE.

The picture you see above is one such scribe. I drew it at the Women on the Frontlines conference in Phoenix, Arizona, in May of 2017. It's one of four sketches God gave me during that week. This one was for a dear prophetic friend who is being called into a certain nation in Asia, to break off the strongholds of sex trafficking. I heard Holy Spirit clearly say as I drew, as a word for this friend, "You'll know him by his lipstick. You'll know her by her scars." At the appointed hour I know that she will find these lost ones, and lavish on them the great love and compassion of God, and their lives will never be the same again. God gave me the promise that these scribes are for a reason. He doesn't lie. It's going to happen.

I'm working hard to make updates to my gallery section. The scribe jewelry and my other artwork and painted jewelry will be online very soon. If you find me with a table at a conference, I'll usually have them with me in person, as well. I'm also continually adding new worship to my website.

If you have any questions or want to connect, please send me a note at my contact link. I'd really love to hear if you know or have seen any of the people in my sketches, and how God used you in the process. Thank you!