I was always a stubborn dreamer. When I made the choice to welcome Jesus as Lord of my life, God showed me how being a dreamer and seer is my DNA, my calling. I'm intentional to partner with God to leave an imprint of a Renaissance new sound of breakthrough and hope into others who have the same pressing questions I once had: "Who am I? Why am I here?" I'm hungry to respond to Him in the peculiar and creative ways He made me, as a scribe of worship, and as an instrument to break the chains off the broken, the lost, the weary, and the orphan. We live in exciting, Kingdom expanding times. New shoes, new doors, new colors and lights and sounds we haven't even encountered yet, but all waiting for His Bride to align to His voice and take faith at its beautiful promise. The Creator of the whole universe is waiting for us to knock on the door to ask Him great and mighty things! Let's go! History awaits the making, to meet what He's already written as true.