prophetic dreams

"I had a vivid and very detailed prophetic dream recently. I will give you the chapters of what I saw, but you decide how your story will end. In the beginning of the dream, I looked up in the sky and I saw..." more
August 8, 2023: Dreams are becoming more frequent for many in the Body of Christ. Please write them down when you have them. They’re a blueprint and roadmap for the days ahead. They will become even more necessary when other means of direction become unavailable. They will become the breakthrough for those who need to read their victorious witness. Last night I had another vivid prophetic dream. I was standing inside of an older, wooden building that looked like it belonged... more
Nicki Black 09/16/2022
September 16, 2022: I normally move all night in a. . . more
November 30, 2021: Whoa boy. Last night I had another vivid dream. It may have felt brief in my sleep, but the interpretation in my state of being awake is considerable. The dreams I have from God are very detailed, and I'm trying to catch up in posting them from my numerous journals. This dream, specifically, is for the Body of Christ as a sign of the hour, and a sign of what is promised to come. .. . more
Nicki Black 11/26/2021
I had a very coherent dream last night for the Body of Christ. It's as much a graceful picture of the Bride as it is an admonishment for the Church. more
July 2, 2020: I had a vivid prophetic dream last night that played out with several specific encounters that ran consecutively into each other. more
May 16, 2021: This morning as I was laying in bed,. . . more
May 13, 2021: I had a strikingly clear vision last. . . more
March 1, 2021: I had a vivid and detailed propheti. . . more
January 18, 2021: Last fall God took me into a ver. . . more
January 6, 2014: I originally started writing this on December 22, 2012, now over a year's past. It was the day after I had an extremely disturbing prophetic dream, which I believe was a glimpse into the hidden status of The Church. It really speaks more
November 13, 2012: About a year ago the Holy Spirit took me up into another realm in a prophetic dream, high into the heavenlies overlooking a breathtaking city. It seemed timeless; ancient and yet brand new and current, in gleaming white. Lined on b more
November 2, 2012: I had an interesting dream last night that I believe was from the Lord. It confirms a lot of things I've been seeing and sensing, and I know others are, too. This is not a post to complain or condemn, but to encourage and speak life more
August 20, 2012: This the second dream I feel pressed to share that I mentioned in my last post from today. Beloved! This dream isn't about me. It's a warning to the territorial and crafting Bride. Watch out, Beloved. Bear witness wisely, for the Chr more
August 20, 2012: I feel pressed to share 2 dreams that I journaled and set aside, but have now come back up in my spirit. There is a deep urgency to stand against the perversion of the Bride! Arise Church! This is the first dream mentioned above, dat more
May 7, 2012: I am awakened from sleep; stirring, throttled with a heavy dream of warning. My legs were exhausted from moving as quick as I could go and my voice was hoarse from telling everyone I saw, but none would listen. Teens everywhere would not more
October 17, 2006: I had a dream last night that was more intense than usual. Although I know there are obvious discernments from which to make from the dream, I am already seeing as a warning to God's people and to those who are on the fence with the more
February 6, 2006: I had a dream that I knew was from the Lord. There was no doubt in my mind the minute I awoke that what I had experienced was a warning. The dream was very clear, and brief. I was standing under the doorframe between the foyer and l more
April, 5, 2005: I have been in a wondrous season of the Lord answering me quickly when I call out to him. Even from my innermost thoughts that I never verbalize, He hears me and gives me a very specific answer. Many times, the answer has come immedia more