I believe God intentionally forges our DNA with our passions. Without knowing our identity in Christ - our DNA - everything we do is from a perspective lesser than how He sees us, and lesser than His plan for our lives. Without the revelation of who we were created to be for such a time as this, our art isn't in His fullness, our worship isn't in His fullness, our words aren't in His fullness, and even our connection with others isn't in His fullness. I went through a lot of struggles and abuses when I was younger, and my retaliation was to self-hate, and become a silent observer. It wasn't until my mid-20's that I caught the revelation of my identity and decided to stop hiding. Most of my adult life has been an unlayering process of refining, and embracing the rest and wisdom that comes with the fourth man in the fire. I wouldn't trade what I've overcome for anything, because God is good and faithful, and I'm so much better for it.

They may say that opposites attract, but I think it's God's plan when iron sharpens iron. My husband, Tripp, and I are both creatives and problem solvers. We are business owners, educators, and ordained pastors under Apostles Mike and Debbie Sirianni, at New Day the Church at High Point, in Colfax, North Carolina, but most of the time we call ourselves worker bees behind the scenes. We are passionate about sound, art, technology, Constitutional politics and America's founding history, and humanitarian and evangelistic missions. At New Day, I serve on the worship, intercessor, and prophetic teams. I am also involved in culivating New Day High Point's prophetic arts ministry. Tripp also serves on New Day's intercessor and prophetic teams, in addition to serving in sound and lighting. We are made for intimacy with Holy Spirit, worship burns, encouraging the Church to engage and be a voice in politics, and seeing people transformed by the love of Jesus. Tripp and I look to build relationships with those who have gone before us in laying down solid seed in good and fruitful ground, while being available and approachable ourselves to pass on our knowledge to others, especially new generations of sound engineers and artists who have the same heart to connect and draw nations to the heart of the Father.

I've been a professional graphic artist for 23 years, and I've been drawn to the arts and the intricacies of sound, color, and light since my childhood. I studied drawing, printmaking, and microbiology in college. After college I discovered a love for digital and print design, which eventually became my vocation. For many years I taught collage and mixed media to teens within the local public library system, and prophetic painting workshops. Tripp graduated from the School of Design at NCSU, with a degree in Environmental Design and Architecture, and a minor in Religion. He was trained on sound as a teenager, and has been running sound for live worship events for 35 years, and engineering in a studio setting for the past 18 years. Our family served at a large worship center for many years, from its launch until its closure. There I led soaking worship every week, and painted during worship for events and conferences. Tripp was the director of technology, sound, and lighting.

We founded our design, development, and hosting company, Mindwatering, in 1996, followed by our recording studio, South Main Studios, in 1998, and our book publishing company, South Main Media, in 2014. We began with very little, but have worked hard and grown our client base to include local Mom & Pop business up to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies and brands in the world, on nearly every continent. Our focus has always been to be authentic and honest, and give our excellence while being an intentional thermostat in elevating the dialogue and ethical plumb line of the culture.

My first 2 worship albums were released in May of 2011. "Take Me Back To The River" was my first full solo soaking album, and "Faith Said Yes" was a free-flow, mostly spontaneous prophetic worship project with the late songwriter and worshiper, Scott DePrefontaine. I'm currently back in the studio preparing to record my 3rd album, while also working on recording individual songs and new soakings. If you're ever in the NYC area, stop by the Brooklyn Art Library, where you can browse through Desperately Seeking, my sketchbook containing both my artwork and prose.