prophetic words

Februrary 3, 2024 - The new place is going to be i. . . more
February 6, 2023: In our ongoing house remodel, I'. . . more
January 25, 2020: I’m sorry this happened to you. No, I didn’t mean to post this on a social media thread. God is speaking to many of you who need to know you’re seen. more
September 18, 2019, Nicki Black. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I awoke earlier than usual this morning out of a dream. God immediately gave me the meaning, which I know to be a corporate word to the Body: THE LURE OF EMOTIONAL WILLINGNESS Do not allow your compassion and emotional willingness to step into a situation to help solve an issue override common sense, your covenant, and God's assignments for you ... more
Nicki Black 08/02/2016
August 2, 2016: I originally spoke this word on June 18, 2013. I know it's not been easy. There have probably been more days than not where you haven't made a dent and nobody has heard a word or idea you've said, despite you doing everything right, d more
October 12, 2013: There is a reason why things have not worked out as you planned. There is a reason why doors have shut, and friends and some family have suddenly turned their backs on you. There is a reason why you are not sleeping. There is a reas more
January 6, 2012: The Lord has impressed this urgency to me. They are words of encouragement! He is calling out your name. He is calling out your name and many others. You are not alone, and it's important that you know that. When I say He is doing al more
September, 10, 2005: Sifted. Gathered. Tied like a mighty tower of stalks of wheat. We are shaken and left to fall. Those who remain on the rod will also die by the rod. Mountains will cower below like eruptive flames, sent to slither away on hands a more
August 4, 2005: The urgency I sense to bring forth new worship revival fire is greater with each rising sun. God's children are stirring, restless, hungry. There is much change going on in our church bodies. Turnover, reassignment, promotion, demotio more