Thank you for contacting me. If you'd like me to lead a time of soaking worship or painting for your event, please message me below. Be sure to let me know your contact information and the details of your event, to include:

1. Type of event

2. Location of the event (Is it a church? Park? Indoors or out?)

3. Date/Time of event

4. Duration of time you'd like me to lead soaking and/or painting

Below is some helpful Q & A:


1. QUESTION: What kind of soaking style can you expect from me?

ANSWER: The soaking sessions on this site will give you a good feel of my style and the types of songs with which I write and minister. The Holy Spirit guides my song choices, and prophetic flow.

At times the soaking may be quiet and reflective or instrumental, while at other times it could be more intense in proclamation. I am prayerfully very sensitive to your needs and requests; but ultimately, I follow the Holy Spirit, and I thank you in advance for providing the welcome and freedom to do so for your event.

Also, expectations should be discussed and worked out prior to having me, so we know we're a good fit for each other. I'd like to meet and/or join in intercession prayer with your pastor(s), event leader, or guest speaker - whichever is appropriate in your case - on the day of the event, prior to worship. This is for unity's sake and to get to know each other's heart before we share what we are hearing from the Lord corporately, as we partner together with the Lord.


2. QUESTION: When I lead soaking do I play my own original songs, or popular/current songs that others will know?

ANSWER: I always play my own original songs, many directly from Scripture. I don't minister with "popular" song requests, such as other songs you might hear corporately on a Sunday morning from other songwriters. I generally will not play keys off of lead sheets or with another band to fill in or fill out an existing team, but I am open to singing with a existing or impromptu team. Every event is different, and tends to be very personal and unique, according to how the Holy Spirit wants to move, and what I pick up in my spirit from those who come to soak.


3. QUESTION: Do I have a fee?

ANSWER: No, I do not have a fee. If a love offering is taken up for us, I'd graciously accept it, as all financial gifts directly seed missions and creative ministry-focused projects both through our studio and others in the field that we support. We are very appreciative for that opportunity to pour it back out.


4. QUESTION: Will I be bringing product with me?

ANSWER: I may bring a few stacks of my CDs and possibly smaller pieces of my artwork and/or hand-painted notecards to sell to sow into the above if it's an appropriate venue/event, so a small table is helpful. I will run all of my transactions through my own Square, so a solid internet connection is also helpful. If the venue can't provide an internet connection, please let us know during our initial conversation.


5. QUESTION: Do I bring a band with me?

ANSWER: No, I do not bring a band with me. I will play my keyboard or provided keyboard/piano, and that will be the only instrument necessary.


6. QUESTION: How many people travel with me, as part of my team?

ANSWER: My husband, Tripp, will be with me wherever I travel. He will be working with your sound/tech person to make sure all the technical aspects are in place before we confirm and when we're there in person. He's also available to assist your team if they have any other technical questions. He may or may not also run sound for me, pending our arrangement.

Additionally, there may be times when our 2 children will also travel with us, when necessary. There are no special requirements that you need worry about for them.


7. QUESTION: What specific sound and/or equipment/art gear requirements do I have?

ANSWER: With all events, Tripp will go over all the components of the sound with the venue's/event's sound tech, in advance of the event. I am the point person for art-related questions.

As for sound gear, I will always bring my own in-ears. When traveling within a reasonable driving distance, I will also bring my own keyboard, audio system, and music stand, unless these items are already present at the venue. I may also bring my wrap-around head mic or handheld mic, if necessary. If traveling extended distances or by air, I will need a fully weighted, fully functional professional/stage grade 88-keyboard, pedal, piano bench or padded chair, and 2 sturdy music stands; or a traditional piano, and an appropriate sound system. Having a personal mixer such as an Aviom or Furman is preferred. If you don't have one, a floor monitor is generally fine. If you don't have a personal mixer or floor monitor, or any of the aforementioned equipment, you'll need to let us know during our initial conversation.

If I'm painting and we are within a reasonable driving distance, I will bring all of my art supplies and canvas(es.) I may or may not bring a table for my supplies, pending the availability of tables at the venue. If outside of a reasonable driving distance, I'll bring most of my art supplies, sans an easel, table, and any large canvas(es.) I'll pick up my canvas local to the venue, with the help of the venue host. I will need access to at least one outlet with 2 sockets, for my light poles. I have an extension cord, if necessary.


8. QUESTION: Do I leave my artwork at the venue when the event is over?

ANSWER: This is on a case-by-case basis, and it also depends on the materials I use and our prior arrangements. If you're local to me and I've done a piece that isn't dry by the time the event is over, then I'll ask if I can let it dry at your venue, if possible, to be picked up by the next week.


9. QUESTION: Do I have a press kit?

ANSWER: I have a press kit, by request. It's always appreciated if you add me to your event promotionals, if you're listing other special speakers/guest/worship leaders.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me. I look forward to talking with you more. Abundant blessings! Joyous breakthroughs!

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