The Running
From the "Girl Transformation" Series
(c) 2009 Nicki Black
18" x 26"
Canvas, Unframed

MEDIUM: Acrylics, crackle medium, metallics, gold and copper leaf, magazine print, handmade artists' paper

BACKGROUND STORY: This piece will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first time I painted during live worship and put a glimpse of my testimony on canvas. It came from a vision I had over the preceding 2 weeks, where God showed me a picture of myself coming out of a refining fire, and being able to have victory over any turbulent waters I faced.

I'm running from:
"Too Short To Dance"
"Scratched, Gouged, Faded - And Sold!"
"The Kid Always Chosen Last"

I'm running into:
"Yes, I Can"

The Running