(c) 2013 Nicki Black
16" x 20"
1.5" Deep Canvas, Unframed

MEDUIM: Acrylics, artists' marker, gloss body medium

LOCATION: This piece is no longer available.

BACKGROUND: This painting started as a sketch (see sketch porfolio) while I was listening to a guest speaker at The Worship Center (Durham, NC). I felt in my spirit that there was a woman in the room that had lost her child, and she was not able to find peace or reconcile the situation in her heart. Across her closed eyes, the child crawls and is never far from her vision. I then saw her baby cradled in her arms, and the woman finally at rest. I don't know who this picture was for, but the feeling was very strong. I pray this brings solace. He is always with you.
08- Solace