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*A DREAM* If You Have Eyes To See, See

(c) Nicki Black

May 7, 2012: I am awakened from sleep; stirring, throttled with a heavy dream of warning. My legs were exhausted from moving as quick as I could go and my voice was hoarse from telling everyone I saw, but none would listen. Teens everywhere would not stop to hear. Adults that could help warn and organize would not stop, but looked at me like I was speaking another language, like I was a nuisance. They were angry to be interrupted. Those who did believe were only curious, and instead of fleeing, went slowly away but then back to verify, and perished. Many, many people were there who I knew, who called themselves wise, refused to see. They were too busy trying to be seen instead. The young were used to do the bidding, and bait the destruction. Beloved.... oh, Beloved...