REFLECTIONS: The Presidential Election is Over - A Remnant Word

(c) Nicki Black

November 14, 2012: Friends, I have not posted about politics here previously, but I felt led to make political mention today. Thank you for your understanding. Also, thank you for taking the time to read this, if you are. I read all of your comments and also welcome an open and respectful dialogue, even if we may not share the same viewpoints.

Many are thoroughly relieved that November 6th is now in hindsight. I tend to agree. I haven't really stated my thoughts about the election results. I've wanted to take some time to pray, look at the facts and bigger picture, and wait on the Lord. I also want to add here that I have been misunderstood from many in the Body of Christ as to why I feel the way I do politically. While I have explained myself numerous times on social media and other avenues, it bears repeating, as I continue getting un-friended on a certain social site, and spoken unkindly against my character or person for my views.

To make it clear, I do not hate Man or certain Men or politicians. I hate the actions of sin and deceit, and the ebbing away of freedom, truth, right/wrong, the Constitution, and the corruption therein any governing entity. I am neither Republican nor Democrat-leaning. I don't totally consider myself in any party, as I look at the person running for office and their fruit and ideology. When I say, "the enemy", I am speaking spiritually and about principalities and the enemy that was cast out of heaven and took a portion of the angels with him. I am speaking about the enemy of Man - and not Man himself. Without question, I intercede for all leadership on all levels, in all venues, governmental and otherwise. Please do not ever question that of me. Thank you. And btw, no pity party is coming from me. No worries. Though I am always disappointed to be un-friended for having a differing opinion on issues, I'm perfectly fine, alive, and well. Praise the Lord.

More importantly, I wanted to share this. About a week prior to November 6th, the Holy Spirit spoke to me very clearly, and settled my own spirit with a new "beyond understanding" covering of peace - more so than I already had. While I am still 100% engaged with politics and still feel the confirmation that I should continue bringing information and accountability to light, this election will not change that things have already been set into motion in God's economy and in God's plan. Even if Romney had won, it would be the same sentiment and outcome in the end.

The Holy Spirit told me that things were sealed and the clock has now begun. It's done, and shifted. I also felt the shift (if you did too, I'd love to hear your thoughts). What clock is this? Well, I will not pretend to know. It could be any number of things, large or small, and it's not my job to guess. It is my job to trust His word, and His voice. What I do know on a deep spiritual level is that it is a clock with a time frame here on earth. Those who truly understand and are seeking His face, with eyes to see and ears to hear, will continue to do the things of which they are called with a new purposed intensity, and deeper focus. It will not be anything you try to do, it will just be a knowing deep within that you must do them, and you will do them without question or second guessing now. The places in your life that are peripheral and distracting will fall away naturally, for He will allow people and other things to un-tether themselves from you, without you really trying to cleave. You will understand very quickly that these releases are of Him, and He will give you insight and peace about moving forward without them at this time. As things and people step away from your life, new ones that carry a strategic mantle - of whom will hold the puzzle piece to your puzzle piece - will tether *with* you. Again, it's not something you have to seek out. God will work out those connections for you, and is looking for your willingness.

This is really a Remnant word, I believe. More will continue being added to the Remnant before the clock runs down, but unless you allow yourself to be out of your comfort zone and perhaps even open yourself to changing paradigms in some respects, you may not see the door that opens, and then closes.

Arise, Beloved. Stand watch. Get quiet. Be bold when necessary. Go.