2008-2022 Nicki Black

I prefer to explore the roads less traveled, and my pursuit of hidden treasures and uncommon encounters shows up in my artistic expression and enthusiasm not to follow the crowd. I look for the qualities in myself and other people that are often overlooked and misunderstood, and discern ways to draw them out as beautiful and necessary. I believe that being in agreement with our identity in Christ is foundational to wholeness, and the key in healing any deficits we may have in trying to find our worth and purpose in life. So I am passionate about human connection, and engaging the personal stories of others. I desire quality relationships that build, sharpen, and strengthen, and cultivating authentic environments where people can respectfully listen through their differences and still value one another. 

As for my process, the Lord is the center of my life and my lens is shaped from my revelation in Him. I appreciate both unhindered creative flow and the scholarship of obstacles, and give both equal room to teach and guide me forward to speak truth and scribe hope and encouragement. As I’ve had to navigate being out of my own comfort zone over the years, I try to use those lessons to focus on the cathartic and life-changing victories that come from not partnering with fear in our unique and extraordinary assignments.

My creative palette since the mid-1990's has centered around acrylic/mixed media, digital design, music and songwriting, pencil sketching, encaustic, stained glass-scapes, watercolor, and jewelry. I’m an ordained pastor and part of the leadership team at New Day the Church at High Point, in Colfax, North Carolina, where I also lead the Visual Prophetic Arts ministry, paint during worship, and teach prophetic art workshops. I am a Commissioner on the Wake Forest Public Arts Commission, and a member of the Wake Forest Artists' Guild and the Guild's Scholarship Committee. My husband and I have been business owners in the technology and creative arts industries since 1996.

If you're a creative and need encouragement about stepping out in your own prophetic artistic expression, please drop me a note at my contact link. I'd love to connect.

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