2008-2022 Nicki Black

I prefer to take the road that’s less traveled, and I believe my pursuit of hidden treasures and uncommon encounters shows in my artistic expression and approach to life. I search out the qualities in people and circumstances that are often overlooked, broken, or imperfect, and instead cultivate the ways to draw them out as beautiful and necessary. Being a creative and finding connection with community is very much woven into my DNA. I am passionate about learning the personal stories of others, building quality relationships that sharpen and strengthen, and cultivating authentic environments where people can listen through their differences and still value one another.

Working in a number of mediums, and I find it satisfying and exciting to discover new tools and techniques to weave into a tapestry together as one inspired composition. My focus since the mid-1990's has revolved around acrylic/mixed media, digital design, music and songwriting, jewelry making, pencil sketching, stained glass-scapes, and encaustic. My work has a cadence and flow that either explodes with bold color and sound harmony, or contrasts in minimal and muted tones. Sometimes the results are unexpected, particularly when I’m mixing palettes, styles, tools, and materials. At other times the finished work is exactly as I envisioned from its genesis. Whatever the case, I love both surprises and structure, and give it all equal room to teach and guide me forward.

With a lot of intentionality, I've chosen to live my life saturated with the goodness of God and honest music and art, while surrounded by genuine and heartfelt people. I know that I was made to scribe hope and bring an encouraging word to others. I feel a connection of understanding to those who are searching for their purpose and direction in life, because I changed my own life and overcame the yoke of my traumatic circumstances. I don't take for granted the open doors to speak into different age groups and demographics within the business and creative arts arenas, as it's exceptionally rewarding passing on my knowledge and experiences to others so that they can then run with the baton as they discover their own creative journey. At my core, I deeply want others to apprehend the power of breakthrough that they have to lift up others, especially when they step out of their comfort zone and flow their own life-shifting and cathartic victories into their unique and extraordinary assignments.

If you're a creative and need encouragement about stepping out in your own prophetic artistic expression, please drop me a note at my contact link. I'd love to connect.

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