prophetic dreams

Nicki Black 09/16/2022
September 16, 2022: I normally move all night in a. . . more
November 30, 2021: Whoa boy. Last night I had another vivid dream. It may have felt brief in my sleep, but the interpretation in my state of being awake is considerable. The dreams I have from God are very detailed, and I'm trying to catch up in posting them from my numerous journals. This dream, specifically, is for the Body of Christ as a sign of the hour, and a sign of what is promised to come. .. . more
Nicki Black 11/26/2021
I had a very coherent dream last night for the Body of Christ. It's as much a graceful picture of the Bride as it is an admonishment for the Church. more
July 2, 2020: I had a vivid prophetic dream last night that played out with several specific encounters that ran consecutively into each other. more
May 16, 2021: This morning as I was laying in bed,. . . more
May 13, 2021: I had a strikingly clear vision last. . . more
March 1, 2021: I had a vivid and detailed propheti. . . more
January 18, 2021: Last fall God took me into a ver. . . more
January 6, 2014: I originally started writing this on December 22, 2012, now over a year's past. It was the day after I had an extremely disturbing prophetic dream, which I believe was a glimpse into the hidden status of The Church. It really speaks more
November 13, 2012: About a year ago the Holy Spirit took me up into another realm in a prophetic dream, high into the heavenlies overlooking a breathtaking city. It seemed timeless; ancient and yet brand new and current, in gleaming white. Lined on b more
November 2, 2012: I had an interesting dream last night that I believe was from the Lord. It confirms a lot of things I've been seeing and sensing, and I know others are, too. This is not a post to complain or condemn, but to encourage and speak life more
August 20, 2012: This the second dream I feel pressed to share that I mentioned in my last post from today. Beloved! This dream isn't about me. It's a warning to the territorial and crafting Bride. Watch out, Beloved. Bear witness wisely, for the Chr more
August 20, 2012: I feel pressed to share 2 dreams that I journaled and set aside, but have now come back up in my spirit. There is a deep urgency to stand against the perversion of the Bride! Arise Church! This is the first dream mentioned above, dat more
May 7, 2012: I am awakened from sleep; stirring, throttled with a heavy dream of warning. My legs were exhausted from moving as quick as I could go and my voice was hoarse from telling everyone I saw, but none would listen. Teens everywhere would not more
October 17, 2006: I had a dream last night that was more intense than usual. Although I know there are obvious discernments from which to make from the dream, I am already seeing as a warning to God's people and to those who are on the fence with the more
February 6, 2006: I had a dream that I knew was from the Lord. There was no doubt in my mind the minute I awoke that what I had experienced was a warning. The dream was very clear, and brief. I was standing under the doorframe between the foyer and l more
April, 5, 2005: I have been in a wondrous season of the Lord answering me quickly when I call out to him. Even from my innermost thoughts that I never verbalize, He hears me and gives me a very specific answer. Many times, the answer has come immedia more