PROPHETIC DREAM: The City and The Holy Spirit

(c) Nicki Black

November 13, 2012: About a year ago the Holy Spirit took me up into another realm in a prophetic dream, high into the heavenlies overlooking a breathtaking city. It seemed timeless; ancient and yet brand new and current, in gleaming white. Lined on both sides of the one and only street were absolutely massive grand marble governmental buildings. The buildings were on the sea's edge below me to my right, and there were rolling mountaintops, sparsely dotted with olive, pine and cedar trees to my left. My spirit noted the cedar trees were important. The city was strategic; more so than I could take in. People were bustling about in mostly muted color business suits, hurrying on their way, preoccupied. Mothers with very young children walked along the marble steps of the buildings, purposed, and intent. The children saw me and the Holy Spirit watching, but the adults did not. As the children tried to get a better view of us, their Mothers would pull them along and away. Then the Holy Spirit, as an eagle, picked me up and I soared under His vast and strong wings, into the wind and through the cloud covering, over the sea. He asked me if I was ready. We continued on until we reached the top of another very, very tall marble building of stark white, high upon the hill, looking down onto the rest of the city. I asked the Lord, "What do you want me to see? What do you want me to know?". He looked silently and intensely at me, and I knew it wasn't yet time for my questions to have their answers released. It's still as vivid to me now as it was then, and several times in the past couple of weeks this dream has been brought back into my spirit. I sense there is a reason for this. I'm not yet sure why, but felt pressed to share it now. ... Don't set your watches to Man's clock. He will summon the hour to Arise. Be ready. It's shifted.