PROPHETIC VISION: 52 Days (See Songs)

2021 Nicki Black

January 18, 2021: Last fall God took me into a very heavy, prophetic vision as I was standing at my keyboard.

I saw a dancing mist rise up from a great expanse of rolling landscape. God turned my neck to show me a vast and formidable fleet of ships at sea. Many of these ships were closing in, and countless others were coming on the horizon. Superimposed upon the waters I saw tribes converging from every direction. Some yielded to other tribes in timing, but they all continued to move ahead together as their ranks strengthened and grew larger. A cadence of war drums began to shake the ground, splitting open the heavens in a fierce and magnificent display of unrestrained glory!

And then last week, Dutch Sheets released a word that confirmed my vision, the exact timing it required to finish this song. Everything you hear was recording spontaneously in the moment, as God downloaded each layer into my spirit.

Interesting tidbit: I received this vision and immediately started recording it on 10/10/2020. We saved our final edits at 12:12 AM. The song is actually 13:13, 13:16 with the fade out. And it was the 52nd song we had qued up to mix down. None of these dates or numbers was intentional.

Go to my Individual Song link to play "52 Days."