Nicki Black

March 23, 2017 (NOTE: The original date of this reflection was 3/23/2017, but it may show on this blog as 2018:) The other day while doing laundry, a lone, pink sock surfaced within the load of light colors I was about to start. As I removed the sock so it wouldn't taint the other clothes, Holy Spirit reminded me of the power and reach that a single ray of light can span across a divide of darkness. There's so much truth in that picture, I think. A well-placed, however meek, modicum of courage can change not only an entire landscape, but also the permission we give ourselves to be fearless. Great historic releases of freedom and Renaissance began with someone with an inspired idea who took a chance to not only be heard in word and action, but who took a chance to be vulnerable. We too often rationalize ourselves into silence, not wishing to offend, hoping not to be misunderstood in our motives, or be wrong with our words. But our Creator never intended His creations to blend in, and leave mediocrity wherever we go. He intended us to be pink socks.