REFLECTIONS: Conspiring to be Christian

Nicki Black

July 30, 2022: I have noticed that the designation and person of “Patriot” has become quite the maligned idol in this nation of once rationally astute, critical thinkers. It’s such a hot switch that even many within the Church are questioning whether its followers can not only actively engage governance and still be undiluted in being Biblically and Kingdom minded, but also that in vetting the depths and agendas of politics and its players somehow invalidates a Christian to be a Christian, or his ability to reason without conspiracy and the label thereof.

So we’ve come to the point in this nation where we give permission to the notion, potion, and commotion that being thankful to be an American, that uncovering the darkness that pervades politics and keeps people in chains, that protecting our Godly heritage, that becoming well versed in righteous governance, and that remembering how our Republic was founded to flee tyranny, is somehow detrimental to Christianity and the Great Commission?

What then, is a country without a Godly compass, left in the hands of the blood-thirsty Romans? What then, is a culture bent on manipulation of its data, history, and people, one that suppresses its citizens' values and volition? What then, is a humanity without a righteous cornerstone and guarantee of justice for all, as bestowed by its Creator? What then, is any legislature without a redeemed moral standard, that refuses to gird its laws according to the fundamentals of the Ten Commandments of living in prosperity, peace, and harmony with one another? Without divine governance, a nation is shattered, hopeless, without honest weights and measures, and rebelliously selfish. Without the brave and courageous ones who tenaciously duplicate and embody the pillars of the Christian faith at all stations in society, a culture will die in the hands of the principles and agents of darkness.

If you're reading this as an American - a Christian American no less - Patriots gave their all for the life you are leveraging from America's genesis. Patriots continue to stick their necks out so you can carry on under the beacon of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Cease and desist the narrative that Christian governance and uncovering the schemes and traps of the enemy of our soul is akin to being a conspiracy theorist. Do we not ask for eyes to see and ears to hear? Seriously! Or do we just want the safety of being hidden, never having to offend anyone, examine motives, or connect the hard dots to break the chains of bondage to a lie?

Unrighteous judgement is toxic to the Body of Christ and the four corners of the earth to which we are commanded to disciple and also set free through the power of the whole Gospel. Unrighteous and untested judgement unleashes fracture, disunity, delay, and a heavy hand of distraction and fear. The latter is the backbone of actual conspiracy.

Moreover, Christians who are making a celebrity platform for themselves by jumping the shark with unsubstantiated claims and associations against others need to STOP and get quiet before the Lord. Christians who spend all their energies with a head for gossip and chaos instead of cautious, verified, accountable illumination need to STOP and get quiet before the Lord. A good deal of conspiracy is seeded by shrouded trolls fed and funded by Agenda who want God’s people to turn on themselves. The seeds grow because they are watered by those who follow the agitated fiction and fallacy of mystery, not the supernatural peace and restraint of clarity and discernment.

Now, regarding those who reverently acknowledge that God chose them to be born in this specific time in history to be bellwethers of revelation and transformation in their divinely-given authority; those who have studied America’s founding source documents that prove Her sovereign covenant with God through His imperfect people; those who have willingly exited the wide road of politically-driven, educational indoctrination; those who will defend generations from wicked ideologies as the hands and feet of Jesus; those who research accurate information and refuse to fall prey to the Devourer and the money changers; those who were born to build bold cities of Light on a hill; those who understand the season and the hour requires action and not complaining and complacency - YES, there is a remnant's remnant in the Body who have the hunger, DNA, surrender, fire, and obedience of a “Patriot.”

May I also remind us that Esther was a "Patriot" of her day.
And David.
And Joan of Ark.
And Martin Luther.
And George Whitfield.
And Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Patriots stand in Watchmen positions on the wall AND often operate in the Mountain of Government through God’s unique and strategic assignments. He set those Patriots in, and with the partner of their perseverance (it’s not easy, I assure you) they do the lifting the majority of the Church won’t touch from their comfortable pews.

These individuals appointed for such a time as this have learned truths behind the public political scenes upon the unction, insight, connections, relationships, and wisdom of the Lord, and the indwelling activation of Holy Spirit. They may run stealthy and be oft misunderstood, with small inner circles and even smaller windows of rest.

Those who know their mantles plug in and sharpen. They sacrifice popularity to save souls, to save generations, and to save nations. They are intentional to get to the whole truth, and their actions are regularly met by contempt and malice by other Believers. Preventably, much of this unbelief stems from a lack of being mentored in the 7 Mountains of Cultural Influence, sitting under lukewarm Apostles and Pastors, and being fed from a steady diet of mainstream nauseam.

Every believer has a "Patriot" role to fulfill in the 7 Mountains, which includes the following areas of society:
  1. Religion
  2. Family
  3. Education
  4. Government
  5. Media
  6. Arts and Entertainment
  7. Business

"Patriot" servants press on and relay truth because that's what they are supposed to do. It’s not the responsibility of the messenger to make the horse drink the water once it’s given the map and pointed to the direction of the oasis.

Furthermore, many of those truths make the Church uncomfortable and doubtful of their legitimacy, and therefore the Church rejects not only the information as false, but they also reject the messenger. This is why our nation is so brutally in knots, and why our so-called “right” political party is so corrupt and propped up by Christians who are as stubborn as sheep, fixated on a partial reformation.

The Church continually has the open doors of opportunity to get focused and aligned with understanding, cleaving from the pablum of the lessor knowledge of Man. Time is short to recalibrate this nation back to Her covenant glory, as much as time is paramountly of the essence to be ambassadors of breakthrough to those teetering on never knowing their identity in Christ. Both trains are essential. Neither are exclusive of each other.

Enough of following snake oil leaders and milquetoast ideology that bottlenecks and throttles the Kingdom, and hinders the convergence of certainty. Seek His lighted path directly, pray for the Patriots going in your stead, and uproot the rot produced by the crumbs of mouths talking from both sides.