PROPHETIC DREAM: The Bus, the Poison Food, and the Taken Church

(c) Nicki Black

August 20, 2012: I feel pressed to share 2 dreams that I journaled and set aside, but have now come back up in my spirit. There is a deep urgency to stand against the perversion of the Bride! Arise Church!

This is the first dream mentioned above, dated September, 2010:

My husband and I were on a big charter bus filled with people we knew from our life and others I did not recognize. The inside of the bus was a dark grey blue and typical for a charter, but the tops of the seats were very high and difficult to peer over, and nobody would sit down and nobody seemed to care. There was an opaque but odorless smoke inside the bus that nobody noticed, and yet I could see, especially out the window at the landscape. Several worship leaders were there on the bus that I knew by person and name, and other people that my spirit recognized, but I didn't know their names. In a fleeting moment, I was back at a particular church for an instant, and I saw two of my intercessor friends arranging chairs in the sanctuary, but they grew farther and farther away. They didn't see me, and even though some people were with them in the sanctuary, they couldn't see these two intercessors. Most of the people on the bus were in their late teens, 20's and early 30's, and they were all very loud and rowdy, especially one specific worship leader, who I repeatedly saw bouncing off the walls and trying to walk or dance on the ceiling. I kept hearing people asking for a popular couple that I knew, but nobody could find them. The bus was driving along a city highway interchange. It looked like Chicago in part, but there were also pieces of other cities that were not Chicago. The road was very busy, and it was if I were watching the cars zoom by from the heavens, as well as from on the bus first hand. I was in both places at once. My husband remained near me, but he didn't say a word. I looked for our two children, but they weren't there, although I could feel their presence in the spirit as though they were thinking of me intensely. The bus slowed and pulled up to a big, long formal stone building, which was apparently a theater of some sort. The crowd poured off the bus, practically running me over, but they didn't see that I was there. They were very excited to get to whatever was in the building. There was an expectation of some kind of huge party. Some of the girls in the group were dressed up with feather boas around their necks and little skirts. In contrast, my husband and I were very cautious about what was in the building, and hung back until we were the last ones to get off the bus. I felt like I was supposed to see what was in the building, even though I felt very strongly like I wasn't invited or especially welcome there.

Once off the bus and standing on the curb, a couple of the others waved for us to come along, but most ignored us like we didn't exist. The building's hallway was made of glass with a long moving sidewalk like found in an airport, and people were running all over the place chaotically. Everyone was laughing and talking quickly. Nothing seemed to make sense with what they were saying. My husband and I finally found ourselves in a big expansive dark room, almost like a planetarium. It was an indoor amphitheater, with a stage way down at the floor level, and seats in a circular riser pattern along the top, which seemed incredibly high up. People ran to get to their seats, but everyone was spread out and not sitting together, and even my husband did not sit in the same row as me, and he sat behind me. I was trying to figure out where I was and then someone started handing out plates of food on dark black or navy plates, of which everyone grabbed and started to eat like they hadn't eaten in days. They didn't even look at what they were eating. They continued to laugh and carry about. I looked down at my plate and asked the man handing out the food what it was on the plate. He took a knife and moved the food around a little bit and I saw what looked like white rice, but it wasn't. The man wouldn't explain it to me. I took my plate and took a seat, but I just looked around at everyone and I did not eat. I craned my neck to look up to the top row and I saw one pastor I recognized walking across the seats to get to another pastor I recognized. I asked where their wives were, but nobody heard me and I wondered if I asked it out loud or to myself.

Suddenly I was in a modern looking apartment that looked like it was made from concrete. The crowd disappeared at that moment. There were few furnishings, but it was obviously very high end and I could see the city night lights glowing outside from the huge windows across where I was standing. The apartment was very narrow but very tall, with a set of stairs going up to a entry door, and there were glass walls throughout separating the spaces or rooms. At first only a few people were in the apartment with me. Then with every turn of my head, rapidly more people appeared en masse, including those from the particular church that were on the bus. I again heard people asking for the couple, but they were still not found. I heard someone finally say that they guessed they were not coming after all.

There was a knock on the door and I remarked to my husband that it was the mailman with the letter I had been waiting for, which was coming from someone who wanted to join the worship band I was in. I was very excited and happy and I ran up the stairs and opened the tall steel door. There stood a well dressed man only slightly taller than me. He was attractive, but had no features that were particularly memorable. His eyes seared into my eyes, but they seemed hollow. He handed me a bunch of papers held together with a metal binder clip, and 4 full sized rubber tires. Each piece of paper in the bundle had a clear plastic bag stapled to it. Each tire had the same type of bag taped inside it's center. I couldn't make out what the bags contained until I read the first few lines from the top paper, which looked like a fax cover sheet. The introduction was not from someone wanting to be in the band after all, but from someone I didn't know. The language was very vulgar and ugly and sickening. The person said they were going to kill me, and do terrible things to me. Then I could make out what was in the bags. Each contained some type of sleezy attire and I immediately recoiled and shoved the whole bundle back toward the man. I wouldn't touch the tires. He didn't say a word, but would not take anything back. I backed down the stairs as fast as I could to try to find my husband to help me, but the man followed and kept trying to hand the bundle to me. He said nothing, but wouldn't leave me alone. My husband came up and started talking to the man, but the man would not depart. Becoming really mad at the man, I reached out to push him in the chest to get him to leave.

Suddenly my attention turned to my surroundings and the apartment was now really loud with talking, and pounding dance music. I heard clattering of drink glasses. As I walked through the narrow glass hallway, feeling anxious and looking for help, the people now started turning around, looking me in the eye. They each wore a label around their neck and had eyes that were also blank and hollow and even frightening. They said, "Hello. My name is.. " very coldly, and each one had a different name such as "Slovenly", "Lust", "Anger", etc. There were people from all walks of life, all sizes, all colors, all ages. The last girl tried to grab my hand and I ran away.

Then I woke up.