(c) Nicki Black

February 6, 2006: I had a dream that I knew was from the Lord. There was no doubt in my mind the minute I awoke that what I had experienced was a warning.

The dream was very clear, and brief. I was standing under the doorframe between the foyer and library in my house. There was a man standing close to me. He looked familiar, like my husband but he was not my husband. I knew him, but at the same time I felt he was a stranger. He was looking deeply into my face, trying intently to keep my gaze and have my eyes look into his. He had a smile that beamed. But despite these things, I would not look directly back into his eyes. I was avoiding his stare and looking around him as to get away. He had his hands on my waist, twisting and turning me to face him, yet I would not. I was trying to get away from him, to get to the dining room behind his back just a short few steps down the hallway. And then it seemed as though he had another arm behind him. The third arm had a unmarked bottle in it's hand, and it kept pouring something out of it directly in front of my feet in the direction I wanted to go. I looked down to see what the substance was. It was thick with a greenish tint. It was clearly olive oil. Without looking into the man's eyes, without even looking into his spirit, I could tell that his smile was false and he was trying to make me fall in the oil. He was not forcibly pushing me into the oil, but it was more of a constant, annoying obstacle. He still would not let his hands off my waist.

I seemed to awake straightaway after this sequence, and I knew exactly what it meant.

To those who are called to serve, to go, to use their gifts and talents for the Kingdom this is a warning to be on guard. For in these last days, what seems like it is good will in fact be not for good. Deceptions will come under the wool of what looks like a lamb. Deception will come from places including ministry "opportunities", but the enemy wants those to fall in the "oil". The olive oil is what seems it is from the Lord, but it is a trick. It looks good, but it is not. And those who do not test it, and seek the Lord's face, and who do not know His Word, will be deceived and fall away.

"This is what the Lord says to the house of Israel: "Seek me and live." - Amos 5:4