PROPHETIC DREAM: Walking in Truth

(c) Nicki Black

November 2, 2012: I had an interesting dream last night that I believe was from the Lord. It confirms a lot of things I've been seeing and sensing, and I know others are, too. This is not a post to complain or condemn, but to encourage and speak life. Here's the synopsis:

Whether you reach this fork in the road because of age or life experiences, you get to a point in life where you're done playing the games, done trying to be everyone's friend, done putting up with false carrots and false people, done walking on eggshells, and done not trying to offend so nobody ever has anything negative to say about you, and you decide to just speak the truth. A lot of feathers (in the cap) will be ruffled and up will mount a legion of people who will call you various labels and attempt to discredit your character, but remember, the truth shall set many free - if not immediately, than in eventuality. Within this truth, there will be even more people who believe in the same things you believe in, and those people will also rise up and you'll be given the opportunity to link arms and move forward in unity and boldness and His protection. And you know whether you believe in God or not, whatever you're dealing with in life, this is true. Truth attracts life and deception attracts death and destruction.

You can chalk the next bit up to "a gut feeling" or "doing the right thing", but it's really the Holy Spirit working inside of you, even if you don't understand it right now: His guidance will show you when and what to speak so that it is edifying to the Lord, calling accountability responsibly, and bringing light to the darkness. Those who hold on to the mantle and not the message will be dealt with. God's a loving Father and His ways of dealing with such things are not really our ways when we get down to it for real, so once you've done what you were supposed to do, dust your hands, forgive, and walk away. Focus on what YOU'RE supposed to be completing.

It's true that it's likely that the haters will keep on hating and cutting you off at the knees, and the religious will continue to throw laws and scripture out of context at you and tell you you're not being like Christ nor a good influence (remember Paul and Jesus and countless others were loved in every town, right?). Fear not and walk boldly if your eyes are on the Lord, your ears are listening to His voice, your heart is set on the Kingdom, and your actions actually show that you are loving your brothers and sisters and not disabling or hindering them to be that strategic piece of the puzzle of which the Lord desires, and designed.