REFLECTIONS: He Came in Threes

(c) Nicki Black

October 8, 2008: Late last night I was worshipping and trying to work out some chords for a new song. It was around 2:00 AM. I was pretty tired, as it had been a long trying day (all the more reason to worship, right?), but I was so enjoying the sweetness of the Holy Spirit. I had no sooner laid down the headphones on my keyboard when I felt the overwhelming unction to pick them right back up again and put them on, to worship longer. I heard that inaudible voice of the Lord say, "you're not done yet". My flesh really wanted to head up to bed, but my spirit held me in my chair. I continued to worship until I felt the release to bring me to a stopping point for the evening. I walked into the office. When I was shutting off my notebook after checking mail for the last time, I was stopped right in my tracks. I knew the office light wasn't on, but I saw it on in the spirit. I guess my reaction was to reach to turn it off, but when I did, the booming authority of the Lord's voice rocketed into my brain. He said clear as day, "TIMING, TIMING, TIMING!". It was one of those rhremas where my spirit knew what that meant in that moment, but my brain had to chew on it. I decided to just let it "be", and know that my spirit understood. I walked over to the bathroom to turn off table lamp, and as I stood there looking at the wall, the light seemed to glow brighter and brighter. I honestly rubbed my eyes to see if I was seeing things. I wasn't. The light really seemed to be getting brighter as I watched it. He came to me in threes last night. I need to pray to see what this all means.