REFLECTIONS: These Scales Have Weight

2015 Nicki Black

December 17, 2015: Lives hang in this balance. It is not a delicate balance, for the scales have weight. Emphasis: These scales have weight.

We can no longer shelter nor compartmentalize our wisdom, knowledge, nor actions from the reality that until we are willing to become more than just a quiet humanity who allows coercion under the guise of any number of "ism's" into not raising the banner of clear thinking, right and wrong, and good and evil, innocent people will continue to die violent, preventable deaths. We can no longer look through the lens of hate as something that could be justified, or happens someplace else. Intolerance begets a root bitterness begets civil unrest begets raging hate begets unleashed violence begets murder... and all are kindled in darkness and fear, cultivated by evil principalities purposed only to kill and destroy. Hate is not innate. Hate is cultivated.

Consider the deep generational consequences of remaining silent. Look at history - the history that hasn't been doctored in our textbooks for the last many decades. Each of us has a intentional voice and realm of influence. Please do not disengage from credible and truthful resources. Please do not disengage from speaking up, and saving someone's life because you shared the truth, even when it was outside of your comfort parameters. I know full well that reality can not make room in your mind and heart without making a deep and lasting impression, but truth must be invited in. It must be made welcome. Crushing the principalities of hate takes more than just prayer or wishing it away. It takes a voice, hands and feet, and courage, and you are both called, and able.