REFLECTIONS: Smoke From My Hands

(c) Nicki Black

April 28, 2006: I have found bread and manna in a weekly online Presbytery intercession "room". This is a place where prayer warriors gather to storm the gates of heaven, dance and celebrate and praise in the spirit, and to encourage. This week in the room, words were going forth from many, covering one of the women who was seeking direction. The word was - paraphrasing here - that she was in a fire, being refined, and there was much smoke. I then felt urged to add that the smoke was not of a choking kind, but instead was sweet from the Lord. About this time I remembered that one of the ministers - the founder of this Presbytery, actually - had said last week that she saw me in the spirit at my keyboard, worshipping and interceding at the same time as words were soaking those in the room. And so this is what I began to do, worship and warfare during the word about the fire. Upon finishing, I turned back to my desk and sat my chin upon my folded hands as I read the other words. I immediately noticed that I smelled the aroma of a smoldering campfire. I lifted my head from my hands, looked around the room, and the smell vanished. And then I smelled my hands and discovered they were the source of the smell! This had never happened to me before.

Praise the Lord!