REFLECTIONS: Tribes and Bands

August 5, 2023: Tribes and Bands - we must have both - the worship and the wind.

Your Tribe are those who travel with you to the same goal. They can see the road from A to B. They speak a language like your language. They are able to work together in the Kingdom, and make good contributions in areas needing their input. They share common gifts, and inspire each other to overcome and keep moving forward. As a bonus, some in your Tribe may even call you a friend, let you know they value you, and are compassionate and authentic to pray for you when you have need. They are the worship - the outward sound that lifts your cadence.

But your Band... your Band are those with whom you do life. They are extraordinary people who heard the Lord and knocked on your door when you desperately needed to be seen. They're available and want to walk with you on the road from A to B. They will carry your bags when you grow weary, just as you will carry theirs in the same situation. They are nurturing family in the Kingdom, and are not jealous toward you. They understand you, care about your decisions, and trust you so much that they do not worry that you will reject the truths they need to tell you. They are the wind - the inner force that powers your sails.

Your Tribe is who builds the bridges for the Bride's journey, threads the needle for the wedding tapestry, and fans the flame to keep the greater fires burning.

Your Band is who helps you sight and prepare for the bridges you are supposed to journey, sharpens your needle so you set your stitches with accuracy and beauty, and partners with your hammer in the forge, so your fire never goes out on the altar.

Find both, Beloved. Find both.