It's Going To Be Glorious. Make Up Your Mind.

2-3-2024 Nicki Black

Februrary 3, 2024 - The new place is going to be initially painful for you, as you process the revelation that those you thought were for you were never really for you. They not only can't go with you to the new, they SHOULDN'T go with you to into YOUR new. They needed you for something, and you gave it without asking for anything in return. You poured out, you loved, you were obedient to God's nudges. Always stay kind, but let your no mean no. Your assignment has moved on with the cloud.

His signs and wonders are coming to a head and leading you through the transition that will sting the surface, but nourish the soul. This doorway demands you remain willing to continue walking through, because it needs to fit tightly to agitate and challenge the old lens to slough off the dead skin. It's all necessary in order to awaken your senses into welcoming what you know is coming. For once you were also asleep, but today you see the beckoning sunlight.

You need to make your mind up how long you're going to process this change before you're free from the heaviness. The more you lean in to hear His voice and decide to stay in peace, the lighter the burden. The past will no longer be attractive, or have value to keep you in chains.

It's going to be glorious with your clarity. I think you understand what you need to do. It's time to do it.