Nicki Black 2013/2016

August 2, 2016: I originally spoke this word on June 18, 2013.

I know it's not been easy. There have probably been more days than not where you haven't made a dent and nobody has heard a word or idea you've said, despite you doing everything right, doing everything that's asked of you. In fact, the ideas you've offered were probably stolen and others took credit for them. The more you give, the more they take you for granted and demand more.

Well, it's time to close that door, love. The ships that you've seen pass you on by, breaking your heart and breaking your spirit, are not the ships that you were supposed to be on. The right ship is the one that will see you. Not only that, it will recognize you by name and make room for you and what you're bringing with. The right ship won't just slide up to the dock and wait for you to get on. The right ship will anchor and help you on board. It will look you in the eye, and it will say "Hello" and "I've been waiting for you". You will no longer feel like an accessory, an afterthought, a quota to be met, a third wheel. You, my love, will be 100% part of the plan.

So stop casting flares into the sky. The ship already knows where you are, and it's on its way.