PROPHETIC WORD: An Urgent Word to the Inner Remnant

2013 Nicki Black

October 12, 2013: There is a reason why things have not worked out as you planned. There is a reason why doors have shut, and friends and some family have suddenly turned their backs on you. There is a reason why you are not sleeping. There is a reason why you feel an undeniable urgency to clean house, finish lingering projects, and empty your otherwise full schedule.

There is a great and mighty SHIFT happening in the heavens and earth, and the Remnant is even being separated from within. The Inner Remnants have been feeling their spirits rise to sharp attention. They sense, hear, and smell both the presence of the Lord, and the tangible schemes of the enemy's camp, inside and outside of the walls. Lurking, thieving, ill-laid shadows are being exposed and lit up against the dark of the night. The Inner Remnant have joined THE LORD in saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. They have chosen to put on their Ephesians 6:10 armor to fight the fight through their increasing calls of intercession, creative new avenues and sounds of worship, and fiery guardmanship of the treasures of The Kingdom. They are willing to sacrifice popularity in the Body, and see the true clock on the wall. THE LORD does not come with timidity in these important days, but overwhelmingly in power, love, strength, and might.

THE LORD gave me a vision this morning about those He has sifted and called aside - yes, as a question of, "Are you coming?", as the Inner Remnant. It is a lonely, often hateful place for these Beloved, for the world and friendly fire has been brutal, strategic, and ongoing with their quivers of false-poison arrows. For what those who throw arrows do not realize is that with every one they send into the Inner Remnant's breastplate, the WORD OF THE LORD only grows more manifest, surely-footed, and alive.

In this vision, THE LORD took me to me a crooked, worn wooden bridge spanning across an expansive divide, between two very tall mountains. At first I surveyed the bridge, and noticed how very quiet the high altitudes had become. I asked the Lord if The Inner Remnant was the bridge, the connectors. After asking this question, I immediately knew that the answer was no, and that The Inner Remnant were the nails holding the posts of the bridge to each mountainside. Though the bridge creaks and shakes and is eaten by the elements, the nails remain solid, and dug deep into the foundation. The Lord then brought my eyes directly to the tops of the nails. He said, "Look at these nails. Their heads are flattened, weathered, and have been pushed down time and time again into the hardened, rocky soil. These nails are MY hands and feet, anchored and sure, holding up the rest of the bridge, even when the bridge does not see. The nails will remain even as the wood from the bridge is replaced from rot and overexposure. Remain in Me as the nails. Do not grow weary. Do not grow faint. I will keep you rooted and solidly in place, as long as you only set your point and pitch toward Me."

Time is growing short. Shaking produces a ready people.



This shall be my song in intercession and worship on Tuesday at The Worship Center. Bring your drum.