REFLECTIONS: Responsibilities as Kingdom Artisans

2018 Nicki Black

July 11, 2018, Nicki Black. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

God's creative flow to His Kingdom artisans is unique, beautiful, and specific. He inspires a wide and diverse canvas for His Bride that is as individual and one of a kind as our thumbprint and DNA.

What is our responsibility as Kingdom artisans? It is to bring a ready word in the right hour. It is to be authentic and truthful. It is to press through in worship, overcoming the fear of being vulnerable or imperfect. It is to be stewards of inspiration, reconciliation, breakthrough, and healing for others. It is to pursue hearing with our own eyes to see, and our own ears to hear.

What is also our responsibility as Kingdom artisans? It's our responsibility to be set apart from the way the rest of the world does business. It's our responsibility to walk in integrity. It's our responsibility to honor the work of other artists, musicians and photographers included. It's our responsibility to have accountability and remain teachable. It's our responsibility not to steal another artist's work, even in part and/or by filtering it digitally, to call it your own. Kingdom principles aside, there are also clear laws regarding copyright infringement.

If you are touched by the work of another, acknowledge it. Share it. Contact the artist and tell them how you were effected. Breathe it in deeply and be changed by it. And leave it there.

God continually shows His Bride a common theme throughout the timing of the seasons to be poured out through many different hands. Know that God wants to use YOU. He put YOU on the earth with a purpose and plan, for such a time as this. Pursue what He wants to tell YOU. Ask Him to show YOU how to bring His magnificent visions to fruition. Ask Him for an increase in YOUR skills and boldness. Ask Him to give YOU new creative ideas. Be who YOU were creatively created to be. Go and make disciples of all the nations as YOU were intended to do.