PROPHETIC DREAM: The Two Cities & A Field

2021 Nicki Black

Nicki Black 05/13/2021
May 13, 2021: I had a strikingly clear vision last night.

There were dual old cities flanking a long and appreciably narrow golden valley. The city was either one, divided by the valley, or two wholly different cities of similar detail of rough cut white stone, and large hollow windows without glass or covering. Across the valley were long tares of wheat among the ready wheat for harvest. Without knowing the difference, it would be easy to assume all of the stalks were fertile. In the distance, I saw a sun at set, its horizon banded with colors of maize, persimmon, and dusty rose. A watchful hush was resting across the valley to the back, but the wind was rustling the tares and wheat at the forefront, drawing its attention. Change was imminent. This was the calm before or after that change.

Two physical places immediately come to my mind from this vision - the Middle East and NYC, though the symbolism is vast beyond those borders.
Stay alert, on guard, and connected to wisdom. Selah.