PROPHETIC WORD: The Lure of Emotional Willingness

2019 Nicki Black

September 18, 2019, Nicki Black. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I awoke earlier than usual this morning out of a dream. God immediately gave me the meaning, which I know to be a corporate word to the Body:


Do not allow your compassion and emotional willingness to step into a situation to help solve an issue override common sense, your covenant, and God's assignments for you elsewhere - even right where you are currently.

There will be people of whom you trust, some even inner circle confidants, that identify and champion your skillful abilities and legacy of rearranging your time to help others in their distresses, but their thinking is focused on the topical and not the spiritual. There will be ramifications that will effect the long-term for yourself and others if you follow those voices instead of sticking to God's plan. There will also be ramifications if you do not allow the pruning and adjustments that God wants to do to your circle.

Look up from the facts you see on paper. Push away what you hear over the airways, and get quiet and unobstructed before the Lord your God, giving Him full permission to tune your ears to only His frequency. Some will not understand now, but your obedience will be a sure and steady beacon to them when they require the necessity of an integral and fully all-in example in their future.