Christians in the Marketplace

Nicki Black

December 4, 2018: My husband and I have been business owners for a long time. We've kept true to our mission from the very beginning - intentional not to compromise, intentional to be a light in a dark world, and intentional to use our talents given from God, to outwardly honor God. We don't mute who we are, or why we do what we do. Is it hard? No. Does the world, and even The Church push back and reject us sometimes? Yes.

So why aren't we seeing more Christian products in the marketplace, including in the arts? I believe it's a fairly straightforward answer - because many Christians are using their talents without giving bold and public credit to the One who gave them the talents in the first place.

I really want to challenge the Body with this honest question: What are Christians producing with their talents? Is it art inspired from a divine encounter, testimony, or His Word? For those in film and entertainment, is it movies that have a strong undercurrent of honor, integrity, and moral principles? The same applies to the music industry. What about books? Games? Are Christians creating things that raise the measure and plumb line in the culture, or things that have no forward impact for the Kingdom, and it's just more of the same?

When we stay silent and hidden, the world will never see the goodness and supernatural power of God. They'll never see how He can transform a life. They'll never see that He is love, healing, and wholeness. They'll only see the lack in the world, and continue searching for ways to fill the voids in their lives. When we are intentional not to bring our testimony into our art and talents, we are lukewarm. We have no voice. We have no influence.

We were all bought with a price. There is only one you to fulfill your destiny. Don't take your identity in Christ lightly. For such a time as this, YOU are here on this earth for a purpose. Your children are on this earth to lead their generation, and it's critical they see Christ modeled at home, in their relationships and passions, and in the marketplace.

The world is desperately seeking for peace, encouragement, morality, and love. Being a carbon copy of what the world is already familiar with will never change the course, culture, heart and trajectory of a nation. Never.