REFLECTIONS: Restoration and Reflection in this Waiting Season

(c) Nicki Black

October 15, 2012: It's been a quiet, digging in sort of season with me. I'm still in it. I don't know when it's going to end. A lot is being planted, but a lot has also been pulled up before it has bloomed. I wanted to share my heart, and what I am hearing from the Lord. Maybe it's for you, too.

Dreams, health, friends, tangibles, favor, position, promotions, even money... The Lord returns with abundance what the enemy has stolen, and He changes hearts that were once against you to hearts that will be for you. He sends the Holy Spirit to guide and comfort you, and He sends the army of His angels out before you, to make a way. The field may have grown up with weeds as far as your eye can see, but when you get on top of those circumstances and take a new perspective, you can see a path cut through the tall weeds that will take you where you need to go. If you're strong enough to soar above, soar and lift others up with you. If you don't have the strength to rise up that high right now in your spirit, find a ladder, a tree branch, stand on a rock - do anything you need to do to get those new eyes - even if it's for just a moment and you need to curl back up for a while longer.

When faced with adversity, keep in context that tough love - you extending or you receiving - with your unconditional arm around a shoulder, is love. Anything but, is not. Be at peace and have a steadfast joy and resolve that your restoration and forward movement is forthcoming in His due time, if you've kept in Him, and you are willing to continue being changed within. Finding yourself somewhat adrift, alone and cast away by man isn't always an indicator that man speaks for God. Get with God, and hear His voice directly, without the distractions. Through this rest, He will show you the obstacles and how to get through those mountains. It is not easy, this I know. But press onward to get to that place in rest, however difficult it is.

What's really important to realize fully is that the hour is short. We will all face the Lord someday, as soon as His time permits, having to give an account of how we have lived, who we have helped, and how we have used our gifts, appointments, and opportunities. What kind of account will you give, and are you ready for such a testimony? Are you going to like what the Lord has seen? What will He say and what will be the ramifications? Make no mistake - He sees the heart and every good or foul agenda behind it. I think this would make anyone stop and think about where our hearts are. I know it does for me. I'm constantly weighing and reflecting, and trying in earnest to live out my life with the knowledge that I will have to give my own account as the Lord searches my heart.

Here's my prayer: Lord, may we all have revelation and repentance of how much we make a difference toward either direction in every thing that we do. Help and guide us so we do things with the purest of hearts and the deep insatiable desire to help, share truth, and equip, and not to bury our brothers and sisters. Awaken our spirits and refresh us in the waiting and in the going. Help us from getting lost. We praise your name, in all things, in all places. Amen.