2022 Nicki Black

January 5, 2022: I started a painting at church a couple weeks back. As I was thinking about how much of an untamed and colorful mess it looks like right now, all full on display, God and I got to talking about how far I’ve come from the before me to the now me.

I have a goal in mind with this painting, but I’m going to set my own plans aside if God takes it in a new direction.

It’s what He’s done in my life when I surrendered my pride.

All the layers don’t make sense to some people, but each one builds and blends with the other. Each color has a purpose.

It’s how I’ve had to trust that He uses everything to His glory.

I’m not going to rush to finish it before I know it’s done, or paint something just to paint something.

I’ve learned the value of being authentic, and not to fill a void out of coercion. His timing and ways are always perfect.

I’m not worried about being compared to other artists that are more skilled than me, or being judged by onlookers mid-process.

His gaze is my focus and palette. He sees me, and it gives me deep harmony and peace.

If your layers are still becoming, rest, don’t force. The Lord is a faithful and sovereign Father, and you’re beautiful and necessary right now, even when people don’t see your big picture.