REFLECTIONS: A Picture Says A Thousand Words

January 23, 2015: A picture says a thousands words. Indeed. Indeed it does.

I came across an amazing online portfolio with thousands of absolutely breathtaking pictures, authored by a very well known and seasoned photographer who publishes his work, in part, in a hugely prominent magazine with worldwide distribution. Both his photo descriptions and images capture explosive nuances from the most obscure of places to the most well known throughout the globe; his lens a powerful tool to hold the details of war and peace, life and death, defeat and victory, and quiet everyday life. With a viewership in the multi-millions, one immediately knows this person is not only a photographer, but an artist and storyteller, and most importantly, a gauge on the world stage, drawing immediate conclusions within the minds of the masses.

That's beautiful, yes? Alas, no. I noticed one very, very big glaring problem. All of his commentary was slanted with propaganda, and riddled with vast amounts of untruth, specifically in regard to politics and the crafting of the dialogue of which he would like you to believe. Sadly, I'm sure he believes his commentary, as well.

Untruth vs. Truth. What a paramount responsibility we all hold, a duplicity of roads, open for the free will choosing. Think about this a moment. Think about how much power our talents catalyst. Will it be truth or untruth that call our interest? Which will affix our gaze? Which will solidify our purpose? Which?