PROPHETIC WORDS: Waiting until it's ready

2023 Nicki Black

Nicki Black 02/07/2023
February 6, 2023: In our ongoing house remodel, I'm reminded again tonight how thankful I am for God's delays and perfect timing. I'll elaborate more on our specifics later.

But someone needs to hear the context of this message, of waiting until it's ready. Someone needs to pause, give it to God, and allow divine convergence to overwrite your obsessive longing. Is that someone you?

You're walking through a season of transition and exciting labor pains, although you're still trying to harness the finished picture into fruition instead of allowing it to stretch out and rest upon you freely. Some connections and pieces have been realized, but you've found yourself overlooking those victories to tarry about the other parts still out of reach.

Patience, Beloved. It's not going to get away from you. It's not going to ebb back out to sea and not return. Everything has a place. Every key has a door. Every race has many milestones.

God hasn't left the building. Keep writing down the vision and adding to it. Let it breathe. Let it mature. Let the alternative options speak to you to draw you out of your box and color the possibilities. He's trying to get your attention in that if you manipulate that seed before its appointed season, you're going compromise its full purpose, and what you're supposed to do with what grows from it.

It's already been written, and exactly what needs your touch. It's already been won, and exactly what shakes the dust.

With His gentle kiss upon your forehead, exhale, know that He is God, and find the new and wondrous things you didn't see yesterday in this precious moment of trust.