REFLECTIONS: It's time we face the mirror. Enough of this blindness.

2023 Nicki Black

February 7, 2023: I pointed out a sacred cow in a recent post of mine on social media after seeing a rather poignant meme that said this:

“Getting mad about men and women dressed like devils at the Grammys while your children do it every year in October with your permission.”

I didn't watch the Grammys, nor have I watched any other awards or half-time show in probably well over a decade now. We cancelled our cable a long time ago, too, and the only television we watch on very, very rare occasion are black and white reruns of a couple old classics on WeTV. However, I did see the onslaught of recap posts across my social media feed about what happened this year, and I did go ahead and look through some of the pictures and accounts. A lot of people are exclaiming, "Unreal!" and "I can't believe this!"

It's time we face the mirror. Enough of this blindness.

With what we come into agreement carries generational weight and eternal ramifications. The meme that I posted speaks Biblical truth of a bigger yoke, which is my point. It's not just about a day of the year, because lightless costumes and participation therein are only symptoms. It’s not just about an industry and cultural mountain that deeply needs a bold reformation and revival. 

Ask the root question: How are we living and discipling our lives, and what do we value? That's the real reflection. That's where the paint meets the canvas. (see what I did there, fellow artists? )

Obviously God has captured more attention of the culture with this awards show. Has He also captured more of the attention of any sleeping Church who cultivates a lukewarm word and milquetoast leadership and youth programs? I pray a wholehearted and exuberant YES. I do believe that Churches are waking up and taking their accountability seriously, coupled with the revelation of modeling a healthy and reverent fear of the Lord. When He wants us to see, He allows things to happen that can and should open up our eyes and begin some real discussions and soul searching in our personal lives, from our pulpits, in our homes and families, in our callings, around the water cooler, and everywhere else. 

How did we get here, though? Clearly, we are stalling out at the convenient lies that continue to grease the world’s engine and desensitize our discernment. 

“You do you…”

“Just do what makes you happy…”

“Everyone is doing it…”

“My kids want to do what their friends are doing…”

“I want to do what [influencers] say I should be doing…”

“We don’t do politics…”

“I trust my kids, so I don’t need to monitor their activities…”

“I don’t want to give up my favorite things…”

“It’s just harmless fun…”

“God’s word shouldn’t be in schools…” 

dot dot dot… 

Look, no city was built in a day. It takes time and intention to clearcut a path. We're all catalysts for open doors. We have to decide which kind of door our life will open. 

The Grammys was another wake up call to contend against our free will, met with God’s all knowing, perfect mercy. There is still hope for humanity. What the enemy meant for evil the Lord uses to His righteousness and glory, whether we turn from our wicked ways or not.

Proverbs 22:6 says this: "Train up a child in the way he should go [teaching him to seek God’s wisdom and will for his abilities and talents], Even when he is old he will not depart from it." (Amplified version)

Let’s unpack that.

The trajectory of any culture falls on the watch of not just every biological and spiritual parent, but on anyone making decisions. The pivot to walk toward or away from truth exists at every age, all throughout our lives. 

Children are saturated in their unchallenged and instilled environment and surroundings, just as adults are fed by the promises and company of their habits. Age is a semantic, symbolic of the never-ending circle of opportunity we are divinely given to try again God’s way. We are either in seasons of training up or being trained up. Proverbs 22:6 builds the foundation for stewarding our children, as much as it is a plumb line for any stage of life thereafter. We’re ALL at the helm of our free will. We’re all still learning. We all have the same Father, even if we don’t accept His creation. 

Brokenness is not too hard for God to fix. If we didn't have parents who understood or wanted to partner with Proverbs 22:6 (like mine,) we still have authority and indwelling of Holy Spirit to change course (I’ll tell you my testimony if you’re interested.) Coddling or silence never made anyone stronger in their true identity. Taking the easy way never sharpened anyone's clarity and purpose, either.

With every problem there is a solution. With every darkest hour and corrupt ideology there is a way out. With every bondage there is a waiting breakthrough already done, already sacrificed, already ready to be received. And with every awards show afoul and corrupted with propaganda there is a finished work on the Cross that requires no more than our acknowledgement of our surrender, repentance, and willingness to make the necessary changes.

Will this be the day we make that life changing pivot?

Let this be the day.