PROPHETIC DREAM: The Unsual Vehicles & The 2 Lines

2023 Nicki Black

Nicki Black 08/08/2023
August 8, 2023: Dreams are becoming more frequent for many in the Body of Christ. Please write them down when you have them. They’re a blueprint and roadmap for the days ahead. They will become even more necessary when other means of direction become unavailable. They will become the breakthrough for those who need to read their victorious witness.

Last night I had another vivid prophetic dream.

I was standing inside of an older, wooden building that looked like it belonged at a 1960’s style summer camp. I knew it was place for training and education, but it didn’t sit well with me. On the inside of the building, every surface was painted the color red - the walls, the ceiling, the floors, even the furniture and doors. Nobody was in the building with me and it was quiet and empty. I turned to my right and looked outside through a large bank of windows. There I saw a small out-building with scrubby bushes spotted around it, throughout the other landscape. I saw nobody outside, either. As I was wondering why I was inside of this building, a large bush caught my attention in the distance. It was blowing violently as if in a tornado, but I saw no evidence of wind or weather anywhere else around it. Then I saw what looked like a heavy rope swing across the bush, uprooting it and pulling it right out of the soil. It was a very large bush, with spiky stems at least 10 feet tall and wide. Still, nobody was anywhere to be seen. The wind then shifted and appeared in front of the out-building. As several of the plants along the building were tossed back and forth, I saw a small wooden sign next to the steps that was previously hidden by the plants. The sign clearly read, in hand carved letters, “Sorcery Taught Here.”

Immediately I was next standing outside of the first, larger red building, facing the street frontage. There was a plot of grass with a gravel driveway in front of the building, which wrapped around to the left of the structure to the back of it. I saw many normal cars queuing up in the front driveway, in 2 orderly lines next to each other, like a ladder. I walked to the side driveway and saw that the gravel was saturated with deep mud pockets, and I thought to myself how difficult it would be for a regular car to get through that mud without sliding and getting stuck. I turned back around, and saw that the cars in the front had pulled off to the side, off of the driveway. They were still in a perfect 2-line formation. It was obvious they had made room for something to pass before they moved forward. I then saw 2 new vehicles pull in to the gravel from the main road. One was very tall and unusually wide, like a larger-than-normal Hummer. The other vehicle was small, unusually narrow, and agile. Both had armored panels, but they were not military. Both had tracks like tanks. They had no problem getting through the difficult gravel. The 2 tanks drove through the mud and smoothed the pockets out with ease, and stopped, waiting at the end of the driveway along the side. They did not go out of sight around the back of the building. 

I felt a bit of sadness that the 2 vehicles caused the others to wait because the lines were ready and about to move forward. It looked like the lines of cars were cut off, because that was the outward appearance. At this point I woke up from my dream, reflected, and inquired of the Lord. When I asked for clarification, even before I received it, the sadness lifted from me. With that, the Lord then gave me insight. 

I will stop here and say this: When we pursue the Lord for answers without the chains of our judgements, we allow our ears to hear with accuracy. I believe that truth is a word for someone reading this, in itself.

Now, I knew straightaway that the plantings of darkness were being uprooted by the winds of change, and the wind of Holy Spirit, and we would see this happen in suddenlies. That was very obvious. The Lord impressed to me that the building was empty because neither the students nor teachers had any real stake there; their presence was fleeting and temporary. This building of sorcery was not powered by Man or flesh, it was powered by principality. I heard the Lord speak again. He said it was there because it was being maintained “by hands we could not see.” He showed me this was the anti-Christ spirit which flows through certain people on earth who darkly manipulate many places bigger than this little camp building. I discerned very strongly that these people will face certain justice but also the opportunity to repent before the Lord. Reverence ran through my body, and I shuddered to think of those who would not turn from their wicked ways in that hour. 

The Lord then turned my attention to the 2 unusual vehicles and the 2 lines of cars that yielded in wait. He said the lines the cars are those who have been ready and prepared, but they recognized that they had to hold for a while longer to let the unusual vehicles lead the way, and make the road passable.

The Lord showed me that the lines of cars were honoring, patient, and without anger in their humility. They were thankful to have the road made safe so they could complete their mission and assignments, and get to their destination without getting mired in the potholes and mud. They were also relieved that they were not journeying alone, without protection and mature and seasoned guidance and experience.

Let this be a picture of the yielded, honoring, humble, and ready Bride. Let this be a call to the ones stewarding the unusual vehicles to rise up and recognize the roads needing care, and the ones who will follow. Selah. Amen.