2023 Nicki Black

January 25, 2020: I’m sorry this happened to you.

No, I didn’t mean to post this on a social media thread. God is speaking to many of you who need to know you’re seen.

Some situations you can’t prevent; and certainly, the response from others is out of your control, no matter how much you try to yield a positive outcome. Getting grounded by Man didn’t steal your wings, airspace, or destination appointed from God.

This is what I’ve learned from walking out tough situations in my life: Compassionate People are always on the front lines of pouring their hearts, time, and resources into promises that may backfire and hurt. You do everything right and with pure motives, but it’s not received and you’re left holding the pieces to broken potential and a bunch of questions that may forever go unanswered.

In these seasons, I know the better fruit is to react like clay instead of choosing to be hard like stone. God creates a special tenacity and kindness in those He gifts with the depth and supernatural capacity of compassion. They know they have His strength to dust off to try again. They understand with His eyes that every mountain has both a valley and a vista. They realize with His wisdom that rest and refocus are strategic times of necessary salve and not the places to give up and make vows that contradict Kingdom identity and purpose.

You may have to walk away from this thing altogether or just temporarily, but don’t let it define your worth. Put it in the clay and let it build the house with a beautiful witness. Let it be the bricks of the walls that retain warmth, and protect its contents.

The Lord loves you and needs you. You are seen.