PROPHETIC WORD: I Saw a Door of Deception and a Door of Destiny

1/7/2024 NICKI BLACK

January 7, 2024



I had a vivid and very detailed prophetic dream recently. I will give you the chapters of what I saw, but you decide how your story will end.

In the beginning of the dream, I looked up in the sky and I saw 3 large airplanes, the size of commercial planes. They were each completely white with red tails, and no writing. The red looked like robes. As the planes flew over my head, one of them suddenly did a tight turn midair, flying away from the other two. It started to point downward, and I watched until I couldn't see it any longer. It was headed into a tree line with a city. I waited to hear or see evidence of a crash, but the crash never came. There was no smoke, no fire, no audible sounds of disaster, and no percussion underfoot.

Next, the Lord showed me 2 critical doorways. One doorway is for parents, specifically. And one doorway is a doorway of destiny.

The first doorway is a loving but strong word for parents to guard your heart and guard your eyes. It’s a warning against the Doorway of Deception. I saw individual lives that were ripped apart, which severed the course of entire generations. These parents were lured away from completing their Kingdom assignments. They took the bait to be attached and attracted to unyoked influences, jobs, activities, and relationships in the world that were not in the will or timing of God. They broke covenant and trust with their spouses, and they entertained the tree of evil. They walked away from their responsibilities in the name of opportunities that were new and falsely exciting and different. Their children suffered great harm and injustice because of this willful selfishness and blindness, even as it was in the name of “providing” for their families. It was NOT of God to be away from their family in search of greater prospects.

That doorway opened right into another doorway. This time it was the Doorway of Destiny.

I was now in the belly of a ship. It wasn’t a nice vessel. It was dirty, and hot, and there were no windows to see anything but the grinding workings of that ship. There was a young woman across from me. I knew she was the daughter of one of those spouses that walked through the Door of Deception. She couldn’t get to me because a long line of men crossed in front of us - they were all covered in grime and filth. They were working in the sweltering boiler room of that huge ship. That was the only place they would ever know. When they finally passed, I was able to see the young woman again. This time she had her sleeves rolled up just like all the men. She was resigned to stay where she was and work in the hive, now covered in oil and dirt, too. Her eyes were sad and she had given up. She looked at me and said she’d be ok… but I knew otherwise. I received a word of knowledge in my dream that she no longer understood her purpose. She no longer had her parent’s protection or interest, and she fell into duty instead of knowing she is a daughter.

Again, I saw who I knew was the son of someone in the Door of Deception. There was a Jezebel hanging on his young shoulder. She was up to no good, but he was caught up in the emotional need of that Jezebel because he no longer had a father in front of him who could show and demonstrate the path of right from wrong, and lead him to be a man of wise thinking. As I passed by this boy, the Jezebel grew taller and more controlling. He turned away from my eyes, and she was now directing someone to tattoo an image across his entire chest. It was a large torso of a pink robot with a mouth that was sewn shut with prison bars. He could not find his breastplate of righteousness.

I wept for that young man. My heart broke in a million pieces for that young woman. My anger welled in inside me for those parents who shattered their marriages. Everything I saw was completely and absolutely preventable.

As my heart grieved deeply, I woke up with the heaviness of someone who was taken into the future where families were ripped apart from their original design and intent. Holy Spirit was with me in this prophetic dream, and showed me very clearly that the young woman and young man were across a chasm because their parents were lured away from hearing and receiving the heart of God, to chase the world. And so their children learned from this, and chased the world, too.

This was a hard, hard dream Church. I’ve spent a long time in prayer to seek the words to make this palatable - but this dream is not palatable at all. It’s a wake up call to the Body of Christ. It’s a picture of generations fractured and broken by willful choices. Then the Lord told me to speak these words plainly. Time is short.

The Lord says, “The last five years you’ve been in a wilderness that has provoked you to question what you know to be true. You’ve looked around and wondered how you gave up or were silent at times, when you had something important and necessary to give out. You’ve wondered how much longer you have to be in a rotating door of not getting ahead or seeing the fruit of My promise. It’s been easy to trust distractions that have coupled with captivity. These distractions want your time and your money and your children and your loyalty, but they don’t want your best and they don’t want you to be IN ME. They want to keep you busy and looking away from your DNA, and what you must impart. You have seen, but you have not known what to do in full. I have given you this gift of this wilderness to be your time of awakening and separating, even though it’s felt lonely and lost and without sure steps.”

The Lord says, “You are becoming increasingly more unsettled in the places where you are not growing and your feet wear ill fitting shoes. You are stirring with something profound that defines who you really are and who I AM in you. The thing that is stirring will begin to make sense and fall into place and my timing. It will pour out from your spirit with a shout, and you will be washed clean.”

The Lord says, “I’ve given you the last five years to prepare and sharpen your tools. Some of those tools have needed recalibration in the quiet place. I’ve been removing the old things that don’t work anymore - the crutches you’ve counted as legs, even though you knew how to walk - the ideas that wooed you, even when you knew how say no, and the entanglements that devoured your commitments and resources, even as I’ve confirmed to you time and time again you need to make your worship and witness a finished work of my rest and refuge.”

The Lord of the Hosts says, “I see you and you are seen. Come out from your grave clothes right now. Lives are waiting for you to show up. Show up ready to rebuke the lies, break off strongholds, heal the sick, raise the dead, and steward the next generation with integrity, conviction, and the FULL armor of TRUTH. Whatever your wheelhouse, that's your mandate. Be the gateway, not the bottleneck.”

I want to leave you with this, Church. God does not give us a warning in advance so we fail. He gives us the lighthouse in the storm so we can find the harbor. He gives us warnings because He LOVES us and has already given us everything to finish well.

You press forward, you keep focused, you return to His compass whenever you get off course, and you value His handholds of restraint and hiddenness not only in the moments where you're walking on water, but also when you're in the seasons when you're figuring things out. You keep going. You get up. You stay low. You walk it out. You climb. You check your gear. You keep your sight on Jesus. You get your strength from TRUTH. AND YOU DO NOT GIVE UP.

I love you. BE HOPE. Do not give fear a foothold.