PROPHETIC DREAM: The Three Encounters

2021 Nicki Black

Nicki Black 07/02/2021
July 2, 2020: I had a vivid prophetic dream last night that played out with several specific encounters that ran consecutively into each other.

Tripp and I were called to a small town on assignment, during a very cold stretch of winter. This small “Americana” town had a college or large institution of higher learning at its center, where college-aged and older adults sought instruction. We were there because Tripp was teaching a business/technology course. I joined him to prayer walk around town and flow as Holy Spirit leads. (This, by the way, is what we have actually been doing in real life for the last 16-some years, when Tripp teaches and/or has an out of town contract and I join him.) 

In the first of the three encounters, I am walking down the middle of town. The air is cold and sharp, and the day is overcast and threatening additional bad weather. The streets are very icy. I am facing toward the street’s incline with the town center behind me. To the side of me is a very large governmental building. The steps span across the entire face of the building, and there is a banner of some sort hanging across the entrance. Near the curb in front of this large building is an usually tall electrical box with three people standing on top of it, and another person standing at ground level. In front of the box was a utility pole, only about a foot away. I received a word of knowledge in my dream that they are actors using this box as a stage, and what they’re doing is part of an annual celebration in this town. I slow down my gait as I pass the actors, and one of them locks eyes with me. He looks iconically Russian, very similar to Vladimir Putin and Stalin. He isn’t wearing a shirt, even in the frigid weather. As he seared his eyes into me, I looked to the other actors. One was a middle-aged woman, dressed like a commoner. She was holding onto the legs of a young man whom I knew was 17, who was dressed like a police officer. The officer character was being thrown over the side of the electrical box by command of the Russian character, only his head was getting pinned between the box and the utility pole. I watched the struggle between the other actors and the police character trying to actually save himself from a broken neck. The peasant woman continued to shove his legs forward until that 4th person standing on the ground convinced her to pull him back, thus saving him from injury. 

The second encounter continues from the first. I’m now at the top of the incline, past the electrical box stage. I’m ushered into a row house on the corner of the street, and up a long straight staircase which leads to a room at the top of the stairs. It’s a small room, with old and dirty shag carpet. It doesn’t look like it’s seen a real cleaning or update since the early 1970’s (remember that time stamp.) I look around the room and see a row of small children in front of the tv, all crammed together, motionless, seduced by what was playing on that tv. Behind them was an old couch with more children who were only slightly older, affixed on the tv, acting the same. A middle aged woman who was obviously overseeing the children stood off to one side of the room. She had blonde curly hair, and appeared pleased in her observations. I took note that I was standing just inside the room behind the couch. Next to me on the other side was another 2 rows of children. In all, there were probably about 40 children in the room, in addition to the woman. The children at the very back were around 10-12 years old. To my immediate right were 4 small fetuses, seemingly only about 5 inches tall, standing on top of a knee wall. They looked like little dolls, having all the features of an infant, but those features were still underdeveloped. Despite their age, they responded like they had the ability to understand their surroundings. This wall was very literally a slippery slope, about 12 inches thick, cut with a bevel edge, with a jelly-like ruddy sludge covering it. To my horror, one of the fetuses suddenly started to slide down the sludge like it was being pulled off the wall. It screamed silently and shook its head with a violent NO, throwing up its tiny hands in defense. As it started to fall, one of the small children that was sitting on the couch, around 3 years of age, quickly climbed over the back of the couch and devoured the small fetus. I recoiled in utter heartbreak, disgust, and anger at what I just witnessed, looking at the fleshy carnage strewn across the child’s delighted face, and a blanket below. The woman came over to me, laughed, and tried to downplay what I saw.

In the third encounter, I left the row house and finally made my way over to the earlier mentioned learning institution. I went inside and I leaned against a couch in a center communal area that had huge windows on either side, waiting for Tripp to finish teaching. I took off my backpack and removed a simple wooden box I had been carrying inside the pack, holding it in the palm of my hand. Inside the wooden box was a small handful of mostly quarters, with some other coins. As I was counting my change, a young woman sat down next to me. She was tall and had long red hair. I felt her pressing gaze, so I looked up and saw she was analyzing me counting my coins. I also noticed that she was trying to hide her eyes. I saw she had a large tote bag she was holding on her shoulder. Glancing inside the open bag, I saw it was filled with new and shiny pennies. And then the woman asked me, in a way that sounded like a demand, to exchange my coins for her pennies. For a second I considered it in compassion, because I knew her bag must have been very heavy for her to carry. But then very clearly Holy Spirit interrupted my thought and reminded me that my coins were a blessing from God to keep my bag light, and He did not want me to make this exchange. It was then I saw her eyes more clearly. They were filled with a swampy black mold, even back into the sockets. When I told her no, I could not take her pennies, she opened her mouth wider in a bid to manipulate me. It was then I saw her mouth was also filled with the same rancid, black mold. I placed my coins inside the box and began to put it back into may pack. I was now holding a very narrow folding ladder that looked like it was multipurpose in nature, also being a walking aid. I carefully and slowly clasped the legs of the ladder together, feeling it was significant and should be protected, keeping mindful of the woman’s untrustworthiness. I discerned she not only wanted the ladder, but that now she was seething and livid that I had denied her request. It was at this time Tripp came over, but he didn’t see the interaction between me and the woman. He left again after a brief moment, saying he forgot something and would meet me up ahead. He took the ladder out of my hands, calling behind him as he left that he was happy to carry it for me so. In the seconds it took for me to zip up my pack, the woman leapt up and raced toward Tripp. I tried to catch up, but she had already taken the ladder from him, lying that she knew me and I had given her permission to take it from him. 

I woke up from my dream to the sound of an emergency vehicle racing back our house. 

The prophetic meaning of this dream should be very clear to The Body of Christ. We are at at holy moment - a moment of urgency and emergency - a very intentional crossroads of where we are headed as a nation spiritually, politically, and eternally. The enemy of our souls is on the prowl and he is desperate to destroy whomever he can in this anchor leg, with children at the forefront of his agenda. BUT - evil knows there is an AWAKE remnant, and it fears this TRUTH. Principalities will continue to corrupt and manipulate where there are open doors, so LET THERE BE NO OPEN DOORS in the NAME OF JESUS. Stay on guard and settle your questions. There is no room to sleep on the wall or disconnect from your strategic assignments in this hour. The Lord will show you the exact bridges and ladders you need to break the chains when you stay the narrow course.

And for those who are unaware, The SCOTUS decided Roe v Wade in 1973. There wasn’t even an actual pregnancy involved in the case. THE ENEMY IS A THIEF AND A LIAR. 

Godspeed, Generals. You know what to do.