REFLECTIONS: Acquiring Wisdom

2023 Nicki Black

Nicki Black 08/23/2023
August 23, 2023: When you're intentional to shop with a list, a budget, and a menu plan, your focus is more finely-tuned. You've thought ahead and given careful consideration to each item. You're not easily distracted or swayed by things you don't need. You tend to be more efficient. You have resources and energies reserved for other areas because you haven't been manipulated by impulse.

When you shop without a compass, you're pulled in the direction of the best packaging, the best displays, and the best prices, without guarantee of quality or nutrition. You tend to overspend and buy items that don't fit and aren't beneficial. Your time is lost in being wooed by stimuli, instead of being directed by a blueprint. You often have overplayed your money and later have to steal from Peter to pay Paul.

This isn't about grocery shopping.
This is about how we make decisions and acquire our wisdom.

Are we living a random, undisciplined, and open-minded life, exploring all aisles as the wind blows?

Or are we choosing to be focused on food that serves a clear goal and timing, with healthy boundaries, researched sources, and clear objectives?