PROPHETIC DREAM: Standing in the Doorway

2021 Nicki Black

March 1, 2021: I had a vivid and detailed prophetic dream two nights ago.

I was observing situation after situation where God was opening doors for men and women, especially those into their latter 40’s and older, to move forward into the things they’ve waited to do for a very long time. They had been diligent in years of preparation. They had been responsible in the little. They had been humble and helpful to bridge others into their callings. They had been obedient to yield and not get ahead of God. Some had a mantle to speak and teach publicly. Some had been waiting to build something important. Some had been patient for a promotion. I saw one man with a pick up truck giving away his only ladder to someone else who needed a ladder. But this act of generosity wasn’t actually in God’s will, for this man gave away his own blessing and now could not finish his assignment in the Kingdom without it.

But listen carefully; every time God opened the door of opportunity, each person either recognized the hour but got cold feet and relinquished their door to someone else, or they didn’t understand His timing was upon them, and they stayed in a state of longing by their own will.

I woke up with such heartache! And that very next morning my dream was confirmed, as I saw first hand someone deeply appointed to a thing fade into the background while another was given the platform instead. Friends, this is also a word for me, too. So many times I have held back what the Lord told me to say or do as I over analyze it too long, and someone else inevitably runs with the vision because I delayed.

But God!

This dream is both a word of loving admonishment and a warning to understand His seasons and timing, to have courage to rise to the challenge without fear, and to not trade what He gives us without knowing first we are specifically supposed to fill that need.