Nicki Black

September 16, 2022: I normally toss and turn all night because of the pain in my body. Last night as I was adjusting in bed, I found myself completely comfortable with an unusual sense of being anchored, and I didn't want to move. I remember wondering aloud to God how come I hadn't found this position before now. Because I wasn't tending to my body, I was able to enter into a deep sleep without distraction.

The Lord then took me into a vivid dream. In the dream, He gave me very specific names and words of wisdom, though I am leaving some of those names out of this post, as He leads.


I was laying across rolling hills of beautiful white rice that had already been harvested and sifted clean. Glenn Beck was sitting next to me behind his desk. He was hopeful and happy, and talking to a woman I know who travels for itinerate ministry. This woman was hovering in a sitting position in the air above us. The Lord told me Glenn represented breakthrough media, the woman represented healing ministry, and that both of these entities were converging and partnering their knowledge. The Lord told me that the white rice represented truth and manna, and those who listened to His guidance and preserved both would not perish like those who did not heed His warnings.

I watch their interchange for a few moments as I lay across the rice. I then ask Glenn if he’s forgotten about his invitation for me to come to his house. I don't have to speak. He understands that the meeting is to be strategic, and he smiles and reaches silently to touch my leg. I know he sees me and the invitation still stands. I discern there’s still a time of necessary waiting before that happens. (I have had numerous dreams over the years with Glenn Beck in them.)

The woman is still enthusiastically telling Glenn about all she’s seeing through the ministry, but my attention is drawn to the sky far above us. I see 7 planes flying slowly overhead, roped together in a single row, with a person standing up after the last plane. The person was as tall as the planes. The first plane was much bigger and colored brown. The other six were lighter in color. The Lord told me the planes overhead represented the 7 Cultural Mountains, and the corded rope represented the connected generations in those mountains. The Lord showed me that the larger brown plane represented African Americans coming into a place of laid down focus and sonship, and in their humility a great example of pure love would rise between the tribes and peoples of the earth as all would go together in the same direction.

I am now walking on the periphery of a city with many tall buildings. I very clearly hear God say that this city is Greensboro, North Carolina. There are hundreds of people standing there looking at the city as I walk by. I see a plane flying very low towards the city. It’s white and blue and has some neon orange, and it says DELTA in all caps on the side of the fuselage, but the plane has no wings. A wholly overwhelming sense of impending impact comes upon me as the volume of the plane grows louder. I hear the unmistakable sound of the plane preparing to land, but I know that it's heading straight into the heart of the city. I start yelling a warning cry to look up. The wingless plane suddenly nosedives into the center of the city just behind the buildings as everyone watches, many covering their eyes. The Lord gives me a word of knowledge that the people who were standing there watching with me were standing at the “gates” of Greensboro. Some were there to travel next or pick up others returning. The impact shook the ground in a percussion that I felt in my body, yet it sent up very little smoke, and no debris. The buildings stood and did not shake. If you hadn’t witnessed it, you wouldn’t have noticed that anything happened. I recognized that the people at the gates were the watchmen and intercessors. They saw what happened and they began weeping and grabbing at their clothes. I sensed a changing of the guard while structures remain standing, in place for the next one in line coming to take their place in this appointed hour. I sensed there were things that needed to be put to dust, and that some of those things were going to be unexpected and even shocking to some.

The Lord lifted me up in the air and showed me inside the plane as He gave me a word of knowledge. He said the pilot of this plane was traveling with his family of ten, many of whom were young children. This family were missionaries. The Lord showed me their faces as I saw them standing behind the pilot father just outside of the open cockpit door. This family was completely calm and comforting as the plane went down. They didn't even resist the turbulence. My heart broke for them in compassion and respect, even as I knew they had known this was going to happen. The Lord told me He had prepared them in their great assignment with His great love, and they willingly accepted to be a sacrifice.

I continue walking away from the city. I am now walking among many well known people in the church-at-large, and with world leaders, many teenagers, and others who I knew had wealth and influence. One of those in this group was Prince William. He is dressed in cut off jeans about 5 inches above his ankles. His pants were many sizes too large, but he didn’t seem to care as he darted up ahead of me. The Lord gave me a word of knowledge that those in this group of people represented the ones He had given great resources, a platform, and timing, but they instead were running from responsibility. I do not think Prince William represented himself in this picture, but instead represents a larger picture of what my supernatural ears hear to be of "royal proportions."

I followed these small, separate groups until we reached rows and rows of tall metal book shelves, the type you would see at a library. There were long folding tables next to the shelves, set up end to end. On top of the tables were different kinds of tools all laid out across the length of the tables. Each table was covered with thin transparent plastic, so you could both easily see and access the tools underneath. The groups scurried into the rows but did not stop to read the books or look at what was visible under the table covers. The Lord told me that the books represented knowledge and wisdom. He said the tools under the coverings represented the willingness and teachability to sharpen skills. The rows of books and tools were abandoned, and nobody was stopping or even curious to deepen their understanding. My son was walking ahead of me during all of this. I could see that he was greatly irritated, and that he was trying to adjust the neck and collar of another boy who was a little older than him. The Lord gave me a word of knowledge. The older boy was an Ivy League college student, and he was neither interested in real knowledge, nor his calling. The Lord told me that the people who were walking were out of character for what was expected for their mantles and positions of societal status. I was trying to get their attention but they ignored me. My son looked back at me and I could see how frustrated he was that the college boy was so resistent.

I turned into a new row and instead of seeing tools, I saw a one dollar bill on a table under the plastic covering. The bill was sitting on top of a wooden box. Both the box and the dollar were under a perfectly square piece of bubble wrap. I knew that I had left the dollar bill on the table in the past for someone to find when they needed it in the present. But the dollar was still there, and I was saddened that nobody took the money I had left in advance of their need. The Lord told me He was protecting the good seeds that have been sown by people in His kingdom, despite those seeds being passed over by those who could not see the value in His small and private blessings. He told me the boxes still contained the treasures yet to be released.

I’m now standing in a new place in an outside room without a ceiling, much like an amphitheater. There’s a stage at the front but it’s set low, below ground level. There is a black, ornate wrought iron railing between the stage and horizontal rows of chairs and tables for the audience. Tripp was at the railing watching the people fill in at the tables. He is taller than normal, and he has a strong and commanding presence about him, but I also see an urgency in his countenance. On the stage beyond him, I saw a filthy city alleyway in-between well kept row houses. It was a vast contrast. The Lord told me this was a "cross-section." I recognized that this looked a lot like areas in and around Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Tripp and I make eye contact. I know he was waiting until he received the confirmation he is to usher whatever is about to happen. He has his arms held up like a orchestra conductor. He now says urgently “They have to know! They have to know!” The people continue to fill in the seats. Behind Tripp I see a silver metal garbage can. At the top of the can is a smoldering and hissing fire that looks like it's alive. It's glowing red and angry, but it still appears restrained.

What happens next felt like slow motion. I knew what was coming, and I felt the fear of the Lord surge through my whole being.

I hear the Lord say that He's allowing the devils words to come from my mouth like a speaker or microphone, but I needed to trust Him and not be scared.
Tripp then waved his hands and signaled that it was time. The smoke began to rise from the smoldering garbage can and wisp around the audience, over their heads.

I feel the vile lies of the devil enter my mouth, but they did not feel like part of my mouth. I can feel the power of the lies, which are in both my mouth and inside of the garbage can at the same time. I am terrified to have these lies in my mouth, but I trust the Lord, and it feels like I am literally a vessel. I begin to walk down each row, waving my own arm over the people as I go. The “action” begins on the stage as I do this. Each wave of my arm starts a new scene on stage.

The lies of the devil spin at the top the garbage can like sewage. They sound just like tongues, but I know they are counterfeit tongues. The Lord tells me they represent the false prophets. The lies in the garbage can then come out of my mouth in real tongues, but I can still hear the sneering hiss of the voice of the devil under the of the sound of the real tongues. The Lord tells me that all of the devil's lies are covered under the blood of truth to wake up the people.

(I want to add here that in writing up this dream I did not want to use the word "devil," even though that's who it was. The Lord told me I needed to be specific, and not sugar coat with a different word.)

I then look to the stage and see unspeakable depravity. A small, naked, and malnourished child lays in the gutter alone and I see what I thought were large rats run to it from the alley. But then I realize they are not rats, but people. They begin to tear and eat the child's flesh while it's still alive. The child has no voice and tries to cover its body, but it's too frail. The Lord told me the child represents abortion, but the people are not desperate. They attack and destroy because that is their choice. (This is not the first dream I've had where I have seen people eat children in the same representation.)

The whole scene is horrific, but I also know that the Lord is present with me. He tells me I am at the crosshairs of witnessing the battle between good and evil. I am overwhelmed with being awestruck, reverent, terrified, and assured all at the same time.

I continue walking throughout the audience who are now paying attention and watching what's happening on the stage. When I reach the last row the Lord removes the devil's words from my mouth and I collapse next to a thick, empty black plastic garbage bag. The bag is wet like it just rained. I begin to vomit into the bag to get everything out of my mouth.

As I finish vomiting, a pastors wife I know from California comes to me and flings herself into my lap. I look over her shoulder and see houses on a hill behind her, with people standing in their driveways, straightening their shoulders and rubbing their eyes like they just got out of bed. Every garage door is open, revealing a vehicle. They are also watching the stage, and I can see a fog lifting and their faces becoming more engaged. The Lord tells me that the people coming out of their houses are the ones willing to go and be cities on a hill. The pastor's wife begins to wail, and says over and over again that she’s cheated on her husband “with Josh” and her husband now knows what she's done. She is repenting and I can see that she is sincere. The Lord tells me the pastor's wife represents authentic repentance in the Church from her infidelities and Jezebel behavior, and a true cleansing of the Bride.

I then wake up. It’s 3:03 AM when I look at my clock after replaying the dream many times in my head. I am absolutely sure the clock says 3:03 AM. I open up the notes on my phone and take a quick account of my dream, to write out in full later. When I finish writing I look at the time again, and the numbers turn to 5:04 and then immediately to 5:05. I am absolutely dumbfounded it took 2 hours to write this dream, and the number changed so rapidly. It felt like literally only 15 minutes. I am sure time accelerated in the supernatural, and I witnessed it with my own eyes (again - a story for another post.)

Take this to the Lord in prayer. Godspeed, Tribe.