REFLECTIONS: Recovery of Character

(c) Nicki Black

Oct 2, 2018: The credibility and theft of one’s word is powerful, whether it be through character assassination or taking the voice, art, or copyright of another and putting your own name on it.

As many look on to weigh evidences of fact vs. fiction, I am brought aware of a great sadness - recovery of character. Admitting fault and asking for forgiveness is a hot coal in the mouth of those who jolly in delight to see destruction. We can align with vindictiveness, or we can align with compassion, but we should never weave the two. If we live our lives pulling from both when it suits us, recovery will be but only temporary, manipulative, and temporal. Nothing deep. Nothing on which to build a loving, clean people. When a person’s honesty and authenticity is found as marginal and opportunistic, the door swings wide as bait to continue this narrative as far as we allow. So, too, if we row with only one oar, the likelihood of going in a straight and efficient line diminishes dramatically.

Evil principalities may know how to hold the door open, but they will never have the authority to be the door itself. When our character is a house with a door hinged by wisdom, no false witness will ever have rightful claim to our address.