REFLECTIONS: A Supernatural Transaction

(c) Nicki Black

November 24, 2021: You may have read recently that Speaker Pelosi has recently purchased a home in a certain southern state. While many may knee jerk a groan and some mockery, remember this: God works in creative ways, often contrary to what our minds would naturally devise.

When our flesh is given our permission over Holy Spirit within, we run away from accountability and the presence of truth. But something supernatural transacted instead. Speaker Pelosi is planting herself in one of the most freedom and constitutionally-minded states we have at the moment. She will be surrounded by voices that have divine assignments to saturate her with the love and redemptive compassion of Christ. She will be in close proximity of those God has chosen to educate her, hopefully with respect as due any human, on our founding principles, on morality, and on the value of life.

Who are we, as Sons and Daughters and Ambassadors of His Kingdom, to curse anything God is doing, even when we don’t understand it fully?

Pray to partner with the Speaker’s reformation. It’s up to her if she receives it, but do what you’re supposed to do, Church. Be the true Church.