REFLECTIONS: The Election and The System

Nicki Black

November 10, 2016: Time is short, for we know not the day nor hour. But we have the power to overcome and be the revival now. We don't need to wait.

Matthew 24:36 (AMP)

“But of that [exact] day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son [in His humanity], but the Father alone.

Terrible bondage and confusion veils and suffocates so many from all camps, stoked from fear and unrest and from just being plain fed up from the times and the dire folly of it all. Even without having a faith and plumb line in God, He still gave us all the gift of free will, and the ability to reject sowing seeds of hatred toward each other. Moreover, the Body of Christ has the always-available supernatural conduit not to succumb to such anger, diatribe, and hopelessness if they are rooted in the Word, and even earnestly trying to walk out the Word. Those rioting and inciting violence and discord were genuinely let down by the lens by which they see life, and who they trusted to lead, which is quite another reason to not put our hope in government and/or Man alone, or in Man as the measure. I feel a sadness and compassion for all unrested no matter their agenda or ideology, as God is not the author of chaos. This is not His will. He gives peace and a hope and a future to all those who sincerely call upon His name. He rebuilds the most broken of lives. He restores the most impossible of situations. I'm a testimony of that personally! He even allows good lives for those who do not know Him, though they are missing the full abundance of eternal salvation, their Father, their inheritance, their talents, and their identity.

The world system should not be where we place our cornerstone, and the truth in the world system has been grossly and willfully undisclosed and manipulated. I thank the Lord that He uses His people to speak into darkness to break the chains and set the captives free, even when there seems to be no light and no reception. I thank the Lord that there are people who don't know Him, but are still living in kindness and a sound mind toward others. If we let Man's system infiltrate our thoughts and where we purpose our time, then of course we're going to put a crack in our armor and start to be flavored by that system and mindset instead. Choice is very real, and we all have it. Wolves are subtle. They stalk first those unaware, then lay their teeth.

But really, this isn't even about the President Elect at all - he's just a face for such a time as this. If it weren't him, it would surely be another. If it weren't the candidates in the other political parties, it would surely have been others. This is really about principalities. And yet, let's see through this disunity for what it is at the core, because humanity at large has a similar heart cry for peace, for living with freedom and liberty, for charity and giving, for honoring each other, for corruption to go. Fringe groups are in the minority, despite how loud they can make their voice. Fringe groups do not represent the whole.

The cornerstone we very often fail to leverage is that Jesus is here right now. Holy Spirit is here right now. God is here right now, just like He was yesterday, and has already gone into tomorrow. We need to be a healed and healthy Body, and in our individual lives, right now. It's our free will that rejects the power in forgiveness and the supernatural authority we have already been given, as God intended and designed. We must act intentionally and be a vessel of His Living Word, as His unction directs, every single moment we have. It's not hopeless. It's ripe for harvest.