2021 Nicki Black

May 16, 2021: This morning as I was laying in bed, the Lord took me into a very curious and captivating vision. I have been praying for a greater sensitivity and deeper understanding to see into His hidden realms and purposes.

I was fully awake, but my eyes were closed. I was just simply resting in His presence at the time. In an instant, I saw a portal of layered and interlocking light in the distance, like I was looking into the total darkness of a wide expanse with a spectacular opening coming towards me. As one portal emerged and pulsated for a handful of suspended seconds, it would then fade away and another would then take its place and do the same thing, each stopping about the same distance away from me. As peculiar as it sounds, I sensed these portals were saying hello to me, as if making an introduction. They were extending a welcome.

Though I knew the portals were actually blindingly bright, the Lord showed them to me clearly but partially dimmed out, so my eyes could study them and I didn't have to look away. The portals danced and changed shape, as the edges glowed and flickered in fiery, shimmery particles and frequencies of pure white and silver. Indeed! Pure white is actually made from all colors on the spectrum. Even being an artist and working with pigments and textures for as long as I have, I've never seen any metallic on earth behave and refract this magnificently before. I didn't think to count them, but there had to be 20 or 25 portals before the visitation left me.

What I saw was peaceful, but also engulfed in a supernatural energy that I discerned was intentional and specifically timed.

Why am I sharing this? We are in a great shift and sifting. We must know our assignments, and be agile and ready to go when He says GO.

The Lord is drawing His people IN. Not just into His arms of mercy and compassion and healing, but into the very facets, DNA, and character of His innumerable mysteries - a wholly heavenly place that equips and strengthens His people with precisely what they need to complete their appointed and ordained connections.

Allow this deeper work Tribe, and press IN for more. Don't settle at the surface. Don't tread when you can dive.